Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last day of pjs?

I'm so happy to report that Miss Blair is doing much better today! After NINE days of feeling yucky, she is closer to being back to her old self. We might even make it into regular clothes tomorrow! The one thing we've got to work on is this oxygen. It is SO messing with her speed!

I had school today, so she stayed with Grandmom and had a fun day. She ate well and played lots. Tonight, Brad and I had a great time just watching her be herself. I know she's my child and I'm certainly partial, but I have to say again that this is THE SWEETEST child that I've ever been around. I can't explain it. She is just precious. She shares everything and kisses and loves and does all these things that just make us melt. And, Blair has quickly become the most polite baby ever! She's "please" this and "please" that, signing and pointing, wanting everything in sight!


AA said...

SOOO sweet! So happy she is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

This made me smile! She's too cute! I just love her!

So glad that she's feeling better. We've been thinking of you guys!

faris Connor said...

That's adorable. EF does the same thing, signing please. If she really wants something, she'll do the sign for more, then please, back and forth! Glad she's feeling better!