Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Gift for Just About Everyone

I love to give gifts. I hate that we have had to cut back so much in the last couple of years, because I really enjoy finding gifts for my family and friends. On my palm, I have a "Gift Ideas" list, and I make notes year round when I hear someone say something they like or want.

Sometimes I have to find something on my own though. One of my favorite resources for general gift ideas is
Real Simple's 50 Gifts Under $50. Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines, and they publish the gift list every year in November. There's always at least one thing perfect for someone on my list.

This year for Christmas, Brad and I gave our 11 year old nephew some magnets called Bucky Balls. My brother had some magnets that were very similar, and he loved them, so I thought my nephew would enjoy these. The only thing with my brother's was that his were so strong that they had to have pads between them to keep them from breaking each other when they came together, so that wasn't much fun to me!

The Bucky Balls are more playful. I saw them in the Real Simple, and thought they were neat. And they are really neat. I recommend Bucky Balls for anyone from an older child (label says 13+) to and older adult. They were a hit with the adults, especially Brad and his dad.

Andad trying to put like magnets together, and they danced around each other like worms. Isn't this this most precious picture of my hubby?!

I think I'm going to have to order some for Brad. He had a great time with them, and my five year old nephew loved them too. I hear there are some videos on YouTube showing neat things to do with Bucky Balls, like make a hollow sphere. Sounds fun! Who knows, next time I find some money in a pair of jeans or a jacket, maybe I'll get some and do my first blog giveaway!