Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm no photographer; I just take pictures.

So this semester I'm taking Pharmacology I, Health Promotion, Gerontology, and Nursing of Adults I (Med Surg). The Med Surg includes a clinical once a week in a local hospital and a simulation lab. I'm terrified of clinicals. I feel like I don't know anything! What if I mess up?! What if I don't know what to do?! Can you say stressful?! If you are a patient and see me come in your room in my enormous navy scrubs, you might want to request someone else. Am I scaring anyone yet? Nah, it'll be ok. I'm really not that bad off; it's just my personality to want to know it all right now so that I won't mess up! So that we can learn in a safe environment, we have simulators that breathe, have lung and heart sounds, have pulses, whose pupils constrict to light, etc. They are like the one George killed on Grey's Anatomy. He was so upset, and it turned out that the chief was playing a joke on him the whole time. My teacher told us that they might let us "kill" a simulator if we make a mistake from which we really need to learn. We do learn from mistakes. Better to learn on the simulation man! But why talk about dumb old stressful school when I can talk about pictures? I love pictures!

I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I got my first nice camera towards the end of high school. I was on the yearbook staff and took a lot of pictures that year. I remember that camera very well. It had a remote that snapped into the side. I adored that camera. I had it for about four years, and the only reason I had to get a new one is because it was stolen. It was really my fault. I was on foreign study in Madrid, and I was dancing so hard one night that I felt the need to leave it on the floor next to me so that it wouldn't hinder my moves. Let me tell you -- I've got plenty of things hindering my "moves" and none of them is my camera on my shoulder! I cannot dance!

That's when I got my first SLR (so I guess the result of my negligence wasn't so bad!). A Nikon N60. I adored that camera even more. I still adore it. I adore it so much that I can't even part with it, even though it's a 35mm, and it is highly unlikely I will ever use it again. After that, I got the Nidon D70S, the first digital SLR made by Nikon. That camera, like Blair's pulse oximeter, and I have a love hate relationship. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes it will not do right (read: I suffer from major user error/insufficiency). I would really love a newer model, but this one is so much smarter than I am as it is. I don't know if I could operate one much smarter! I can tell you one thing -- I would get rid of this one in a heartbeat! It's so odd to me that that 35mm is so dear yet I would get rid of my perfectly operable digital SLR without even a second thought. Well, I say that at least....

Now I know that an SLR does not make someone a photographer. I'm not a photographer. I don't feel like I'm talented. I just have passion, that's all! Don't get me wrong, I have tried to learn some of the ins and outs of different parts of photography: white balance, aperture, noise, etc. But I'm a long way from being one of those people who really knows their stuff, and I don't have the creativity that other folks have.

So, I guess I'll just keep on clicking away at my precious baby and any other child whose mother feels she would like to give me a shot. I happened to have my first shot this past weekend. To be continued... after I read a chapter or two of Pharmacology!