Friday, January 1, 2010

Do you wash on New Years?

I'm sorry I've not updated, because I know we have wonderful people who pray for Blair and are trying to check on her. I found that it's not quite as easy when I don't have wonderful nurses taking care of my sick baby. Brad is still feeling a bit under the weather, so he's been scared to hold her, so I haven't spent many moments without Blair in my arms in the last few days. So, I'm good to get laundry done at this point. The good thing is that she's sleeping fairly well at night, even though she's wanted me to hold her for her naps. This is very uncharacteristic of her; she usually wants to go to sleep in her bed and does not want to be rocked. When I hold her, she is precious. She shoves her hands under her belly -- between my belly and hers -- which is how she sleeps, hands between her and the mattress. Babies are so cute with the little things they do!

Speaking of laundry... do you wash on New Years? Growing up, my mom refused to wash on New Years. I'm not a suspicious person, but I tend to try not to I guess just because that's how I was reared. Blair, however, insisted that I wash yesterday. More than once, she has thrown up on every pair of pajamas she's got, and we have gone through cloth diapers like toilet paper! I think I've washed every cloth diaper and pair of pajamas three times in as many days! And Blair has lots of pajamas!