Saturday, January 2, 2010

Crummy Day Number 4

Blair was just as yucky today or maybe even more so than she was the last three days. She slept until 9am this morning. She usually gets up by 6! She did not want to play at all all day. I put her in the floor so I could go get her medicine in the kitchen and she just looked at me. She's usually off to the races the minute she hits the carpet. She slept most of the day today, which is good for her little body -- that is unfortunately getting "littler" since she's not eating! She is pitiful. I have been in tears about it all day. I just keep asking God to please make her better.

Her respiratory rate stayed in the range of 80 most of the day. That's really fast. It's usually in the 40s. It was 55 when we left the hospital last night. Today she went from fast and quiet to fast and loud. I gave her two albuterol breathing treatments in a row this morning, and they didn't help her rate at all. They do keep her from wheezing though.
Blair gets antsy when she has to have two treatments in a row, so I usually spread them out over the day and don't do the albuterol and pulmicort one right after the other. I've had to lately since she's getting albuterol every 4 hours, and the pulmicort works better when it follows the bronchodilator. She's patient for one, but two is a stretch. The poor thing hasn't really felt well enough to object too much. She was still retracting and had some flaring of her nose. I called her doctor again, and he told me that it was ok as long as she's not wheezing or labored and I can still get her to take some fluids. He said that we could put her in the hospital for them to monitor her but that they wouldn't do anything other than what I'm doing here. He said that we could admit her so that Brad and I could rest. That's not happening. Grandmom came over today for a while so I could nap, and Blair is sleeping well at night, so I sleep too.

This evening, Blair's respiratory rate finally crept down into the 60s and she wanted a bottle of milk. I think she had been breathing too fast all day to feel comfortable taking one. I've been giving her pedialyte a teaspoon at a time from a syringe and a swallow or two of apple juice from a juice box when she'll take it. She did eat about five bites of yogurt and bananas.
I know yogurt is not the best for congestion, but it's what she likes the most, so that's what I give her. She also fed Gus quite a few chocolate Teddy Grahams and Grandmom a few Cheetos Puffs! Gus was so sweet taking them out of her hands. He refused to bite her fingers. If she was holding it too tight, he would stop trying to get it and just look at her. I've got two sweet kids!

One thing about breathing treatments.... The sweet thing is so used to those things. When the treatment is just about over, we usually thump the little cup that holds the medication so that all of the little droplets of condensation get expelled. Blair knows when the treatment is almost over, and she now taps the dragon mask on the nose, trying to imitate what we do. It's so cute!

This is so long-winded, but a lot of the information is for my memory, so bear with me! Hopefully Blair will feel better tomorrow. I sure pray she does.


Eunice Andrews said...

Ashley, we are praying - so hard when your baby is sick. Jenn had a severe ear infection at 4 months - temp 105 - and the doctor's office were concerned about ME - later told me that I looked worse than she did. So, so hard. Praying diligently. She is so precious.

Jamie said...

Ashlee - I'm just catching up and am so sorry to hear that Blair had to go to the ER. I'm definitely praying for a quick recovery and that you and Brad will have peace of mind during this scary time!!!!
I'm far away but if you need anything (just to chat or cry over the phone) just let me know!!!

SarahHub said...

Still praying... For Blair and for you...

Janette Anderson said...

Praying for Blair to feel better and BE better! Ashlee, I am so touched by your writings. You are clearly a devoted mother, and Blair is indeed fortunate to have you as her mom. She is just a real baby doll -- I know that you are enjoying her and love her more than you can find words to express. Nothing is more frightening that the illness of your own precious child. God be with you -- all of you.