Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blair and Caroline

We had a laid back but busy Christmas Eve at home this past year. After our yummy muffins for breakfast we spent time together at home until after lunch when Blair's cousin Caroline came over to meet Blair. Caroline's dad, Casey, and Brad are first cousins and were big buddies growing up. From the stories they tell -- one includes jumping off of a barn -- they seem to have had a mischief-filled childhood with quite a few dangerous experiences.

The girls' first visit was fun. I hope they can see each other often growing up, so that they can be friends like their daddies. Caroline is one day older than Blair. They are very similar in height, but Blair is smaller, since she burns tons of calories and doesn't eat!

Caroline is walking, and she was so adorable teetering around the house. I think Blair was fascinated by Caroline. Blair doesn't play with babies at all really, so this was a treat! No sharing problems though! Right off, Blair tried to give Caroline her blanket.

Here, Caroline, you can have my blanket.

Caroline was really sweet, and the girls had a good time playing with each other. Blair wanted to show Caroline her toys.

"This is how you do the horn...."

But she was a tad aggressive! She hasn't quite go the whole playing nicely thing down pat. I don't know what Blair was trying to do, probably kiss her, but Blair knocked Caroline down! Here's her first "say you're sorry" speech!

"Blair, say sorry."

Blair didn't skip a beat. She went on to the next thing... peekaboo. She's really into peekaboo. This is hilarious to me. I can think of so many captions for these pictures.

"Where's Blair?"

"THERE she is!"

Then we opened gifts. Both of the girls wanted to look at Caroline's new book, and Blair was plum tickled about her new outfit!

"Hey, I wanna see!"

Blair looking at her new outfit from Caroline. Apparently she loves clothes. Oh goodness. It's a good thing she's already working on wrapping her daddy around her finger!

Kissing her new outfit.

And they played some more.

Caroline showed Blair how to walk like a big girl!

Caroline being sweet to Blair who decided she might want a nap!

Definitely naptime! She's my good little sleeper!


Jen O'Daniel said...

Love the picture series of Blair clasping her hands and then kissing her new outfit! So adorable!