Friday, January 8, 2010

Biking Memories New and Old

I had mentioned that I would like a bike to be able to take Blair riding around town, and Brad gave me one for Christmas! My mom got me a really nice child seat for the back too. So after a little work, Brad had us set up! I took the bike for a stroll without Blair first. I hate to admit that it's been quite some time since I rode a bike.

When we were little, we kept bicycles at my Mema's house in town, and we rode all the time! We spent the night at her house quite often. My cousin, my neighborhood friends, and I rode the day away around the neighborhood, to and from our houses, and at the nearby school.

And my childhood memories come flooding back. Smalltown, Georgia, cerca my fourth or fifth grade year....

I had a purple 10 speed. Boy, was I awesome. I could even ride without holding the handle bars (which I can no longer do). As we rode our bikes, we used to "spy" on who we called "the smokers," some young people who hung out at the school. We acted like it was so important that they not see us. We even had some little toy that would look around a corner. I guess those smoked, but now I'm not really sure. We might have just said that in an effort to make the situation more dramatic! Smoking was like the worst thing one could do when I was young. I was oblivious to all of the things that are much worse. I was quite naive back then, and everything was a big deal. For example, around that same age, I noticed a girl on the bus who was a few years older than me, whose bra strap was showing along the edge of her sleeveless shirt. I
distinctly remember noting to myself how completely mortifying that was and that I would never allow my bra strap to show! How funny!

Well that was fun. Back to the present!

Before Blair got sick, we had an opportunity to try my bike out. Brad has a bike, so we all took a ride around town. Blair enjoyed it, I think. She was really quiet the whole time, and we were gone for almost an hour. I got a few barks and a moo out of her, and that's about it!

I know... she needs a helmet. We're working on it.

After we got back from our ride.

We have such a great town for riding bicycles. I look forward to making many more memories on my bicycle with Blair and when Blair has her own.


SarahHub said...

Sounds like fun! I haven't had my bicycle out since Evie was born. And just think, someday Blair could be writing about these memories you're making with her...