Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're farmers alright.

Just not the kind you think! We have been forced to farm out our poor child for a few days, because Brad and I both have colds. Ick! I feel like I need to scream (accompanied by appropriate buzzers), "ATTENTION: THERE HAS BEEN A HAND-WASHING BREACH!" This is the first cold I've had in over a year and a half, and Brad has only been sick once since Blair was born, so we've done well, I think. I guess this time one of us got it and gave it to the other. Who knows. What's most important is that Blair doesn't get it, so we've sent her to her grandparents' houses for a few nights, and we are praying that she hasn't been exposed to more than her body can fight off. That's why we pay all that money for those RSV prevention shots, right?

I do hate I have all this time and all these new toys (including my brand new bike with a nice new baby seat on the back!) and no baby with whom to play! Blair is having a blast though with Gigi and Grandmom and there respective crews. Please continue to pray for her health. God has protected her from sickness for over a year now, and we hope that we don't have a setback now!

While we're on the note of colds...
I was going about business as usual this morning, and Brad said that I must have felt better than he did (as he's lying all covered up in the recliner). I asked him was he sure he wasn't just a bigger wimp than I was! That went over well. Ha.

More posts to come. I've been getting hate messages about my lack of updates, so I will work on it pronto!

Update: I ended up not having a cold -- I was being paranoid or it miraculously went away!


Jen O'Daniel said...

Oh geez - I'm so sorry to hear that! I will pray that Blair doesn't get a cold or catch anything else! It is a true miracle and a testament to your diligent cleanliness and parenting that she's been more than a year without even a runny nose. I'll pray she can make it through this winter and hit the 2 year mark (or more!) without any germy germs.

Meanwhile, take care of yourself and sit down in the easy chair by your hubby! You need to take advantage of rest before the break is over and the busyness starts again!