Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa loves Blair!

Santa came to see Blair and was very good to her -- why wouldn't he be good to the sweetest girl in the whole world?! I can't tell you how many times a day Brad and I look at each other and say how sweet she is. She is just the sweetest baby I have ever seen. I know; I'm partial, but you know.

This is our living room decorated for Christmas. All of the gifts for everyone were wrapped on time and Blair's presents from Santa were ready and waiting. Our tree is straight from Whoville. I love a frasier fur, but we decided to save the money and use the one we already had in the attic. Most importantly we didn't know how a real tree would affect Blair. A big plus: this one is prelit, so I don't have to put lights on or take them off. How 'bout that!

Our Christmas tree straight from Whoville with Blair's gifts from Santa.
Santa brought a chair, a plush dollhouse, a shopping cart, and some books!

Blair has had a great time with her toys. She is very proud of her chair. She climbs up in it and sits like a big girl -- for about 2 1/2 seconds. On to something else! She especially loves the shopping cart. She's figured out how to push it all over the house, even turning and backing up (after a bonk into the furniture and an "uh oh").

She got some crayons and markers that she will have to learn to use. Right now she just wants to eat them. I think all of the toys that Santa brought Blair have the potential to be used for a while. Santa likes to bring things for Blair to grow into!

Ringing the bell on the tree. She's got yellow marker on her face.

The other Christmas morning activity was riding presents! Daddy sure can think of fun games to play. Blair rode presents all over the house!

C'mon, daddy!

Then it was off to the grandparents' houses for more Christmas fun!