Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Riding on Mommy's Toys

I made what I guess I could call a small mistake the other day when I let Blair ride on the vacuum. Now she wants to ride it whenever it's out.

This is what happened when I took her off.

So I put her back on (I'm usually not such a pushover), and we rode to the closet to put it up. I love how she holds on with her little feet.

She's really into the vacuum. She's fascinated by it. She can be fascinated all she wants when she can maneuver that thing all over the house! I need a little vacuum helper!

I liked to vacuum and iron when I was young. I thought it was so cool that the ironing board would come down to just my size. I used to
beg to iron the bath cloths and my dad's handkerchiefs. Boy did that change. Now, I would rather rewash and dry a shirt to get the wrinkles out of it rather than iron it. Maybe Blair won't get her fill of chores too early like I did!