Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Now I remember that maybe I didn't like school so much.

I have four comprehensive finals in the next two days. Studying during nap time and after bedtime is not conducive to real productivity (nor is blogging when I'm supposed to be studying). But I'm making it, and it'll be over shortly. After Thursday, I will hopefully return to my old baby photographing, blogging, sleeping, cooking, house cleaning self. Well, I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily a cleaner, but I am going to clean my house. And I'll be addressing my Christmas cards that have been waiting on the dining room table for over two weeks! I've got a digital one to post here too!

Did I mention that I still have a pumpkin on my front porch? Add decorating for Christmas and wrapping presents to that list -- the list that's growing by the minute.


Jen O'Daniel said...

Hang in there and good luck on your finals!!! I don't know how you juggle it all... You rock!