Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello 2010!

2010 here I come, and I hope you don't mind that I'll be fast asleep when we meet! I do believe that I'm going to let everyone else bring in the new year for me while I get some much needed rest.

Today has not been a bad day, just long. We're having trouble getting Miss Stubborn to drink much of anything at all. We managed a little pediasure, a little pedialyte, a little apple juice, and some ice. I worry about her fluids, because she is still on lasix for her lungs. Her lungs. They're a little junkier today than yesterday. That is not good, but she is coughing, so that helps. I do think it's positive that Blair slept fairly well last night and felt like playing some today. She begged to go outside as usual. However, I wasn't happy with her response to her breathing treatments this evening, so I talked to the doctor, and he started her on the steroid. I hope we see some improvements by late tomorrow. We are praying for a better day tomorrow with more fluids in, less yucky lungs, and an even better feeling sweet Blair.


Joanna Davis said...

we've been on oral steroids, twice. once for croup and once for a bronchial infection after reece had swine flu! hopefully blair does well on prepared for her mood to swing (reece's was REALLY violent his first round--and actually we hesitated giving him the steroids the second time but i'm glad we did!!!) i hope it's just a cold and your little fighter gets better soon! happy new year!

AA said...

Hope she is feeling better today!!!!