Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Beach Trip

Brad, Blair and I went down to south Florida to see my grandparents for a few days before Christmas. The 7 hour drive was by far the longest that Blair has had to be in the car without a long break out of her seat, but she's a great car rider and did well. We had a few fussy moments, but she slept a good bit and was easily entertained with anything that did not come out of her bag of toys -- hand sanitizer, a straw, potato chips bag, paper towels, our phones, etc.). She did play with her Laugh 'n' Learn piggy bank pretty well until she whacked herself in the head with it and gave herself a nice bruise on her forehead. Passersby then saw my rear for a bit while I tried to console her from the front seat.

Playing with paper towels in the car. The mess was worth it.

So the drive down wasn't that bad, and we had a great time at Pop's house. I always expect to cook when I go down there, so I took my two favorite cookbooks and made a few meals for us. The first night we ordered pizza. The second night, Pop said that I could cook a chicken breast in the fridge that the lady that helps them had purchased for one of their weekend meals. I figured it was a package of breasts that I could fix however. Wrong. It was one, yes one, chicken breast stuffed with something. That was definitely not going to work for four people. So, I made a grocery list and decided that Brad could run to the store so that he wouldn't have to sit there by himself with Pop. There's nothing wrong with his being alone with Pop -- it's just that he my grandfather, and I thought it might be awkward. That plan backfired. Pop insisted on going to the store with Brad, so off they went, and I stayed with Blair.

Pop enjoyed playing with Blair.

I ended up fixing the chicken breast for Pop and Lida Lee, and since Brad had been asking for pan fried chicken, that's what I did for us. The next night we had pork loin with cranberry raisin sauce which is always yummy, except that I overcooked the pork a tad. I don't do well without a meat thermometer! I made sour cream biscuits that Pop adored. He might as well have sung them a love song! I was sure to make some more the next night so that they would have plenty in the freezer!

The weather was beautiful while we were there. We took Blair on several walks around the island.

Riding around with her feet propped.

Everyone has citrus trees in their yard.

I love these trees. The one on the left is a palm tree with a cactus growing in it and the other has all of those beautiful plants growing in it.

I love birds of paradise!

A beautiful house with a gorgeous Great Dane on the porch.

We did some shopping (we mostly just looked).

The newspaper had interesting decorations!

And we let Blair play on the playground at the inn.

Blair and me in front of the Christmas tree at the inn.

Getting ready to slide!

Blair's first slide!

She loved watching the birds fly over the water, and she really enjoyed throwing rocks off of the dock.

Riding her car with daddy.

Blair's into smiling on demand these days.

Getting her rock ready and chunking it into the water.

Our sweet girl brushing her teeth with daddy.

Blair showed a bunch of her tricks and made us laugh like always. Pop and Lida Lee really enjoyed watching her. I really wish it weren't so far, because I would love to go more often. Pop said that we made his Christmas. I certainly hope so!

On the dock with Daddy.

Feeding the birds.


Jen O'Daniel said...

Let me first say that I'm so jealous that Blair will smile on demand! Enjoy that... I've gotten Grayson to say "Cheese!" but it just isn't always when I'm ready with the camera, and for some reason that doesn't get a cute smile but a focused look of concentration. Oh well.

Looks like that was a great trip! I'm impressed with Blair's 7 hours in the car... I think I'd be playing with cell phones and paper towels after that long sitting still, too. :)

She's such a doll, and I know your Pop loved spending time with her.