Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas With Family

Who better to celebrate Jesus' birthday than with family! On Christmas, we spent part of the day with my family and part of the day with Brad's. It makes us nervous to be around lots of people, so we always make sure that no one is sick, and we don't let people pass Blair around.

At Gigi and GT's, we had a yummy breakfast and late lunch. We opened all of the gifts in between. My siblings and I drew names this year, so that was fun! I really love to give gifts. All year, I make notes on my Palm of things people say they want. I like to get someone what they wanted without directly asking them! Then it's a surprise, but not really! Our family is so big, it's heavy on the wallet, and it was a good change to draw!

Blair wanted to tote all the gifts around, and she was plenty of help opening, too!

Helping Aunt Molly.

For some reason, Blair likes to lie on the floor lately, usually with her blanket. A shoe box was all she needed Christmas morning!

Blair playing with yogurt in her buggy.

Gigi read The Night before Christmas to Blair. When I was little I could recite the whole thing!

We like to play white elephant or dirty Santa, and there are always some good gifts and some not so good ones.

John got a doggy door draft stopper. Too bad no one wanted to steal it.

Dad tried to hide his See Rock City bird house. He ended up with it, and I was kicking myself for not taking it from him. Hank got knives that I think he ended up with in the end as well.

This was funny. Mimi got a Chickfila calendar with a $10 gift card attached, and Molly took it. Mimi was not happy and wanted to take the gift card off before handing over the calendar! Molly won out though, and Mimi chose another gift -- number 5 I believe! People kept stealing her stuff!

Mimi and Molly

Mimi and Blair

Mema and Blair

Me and my sisters

Mom and my sisters

No trip to Gigi's is complete without some Sour Patch Kids! After Blair woke up from her nap, she pointed right to the jar on the counter and signed "Please!"

She chews on it for a minute and then she wants you to eat it.

Please, can I have another one?!

At Grandmom and Andad's, we had a delicious meal of beef tenderloin that I marinated in all sorts of yummy stuff, party potatoes, green bean casserole, crowder peas, and cheesecake for dessert. Everything was delicious.

We don't have too much luck getting everyone on the same page for pictures!

Blair handing Andad tinker toys one by one.

Brad, Blair, and Andad

Blair had crashed by this point, but her Aunt Mel gave her the cutest pink boots. Blair loves them!

Aunt Kimmie trying on her new winter wear!