Sunday, November 15, 2009

See you in a month....

It's that time of year again. The time when I take snacks and supper out to the field so that Brad and the guys can work late. The time when I eat supper alone. The time when Brad and I see glimpses of each other as we cross paths. It's cotton picking time. I almost forgot what it was like. Last year, Blair was in the hospital, and I wasn't at home at all while they were picking. That whole two months is still so surreal. We're here again, and this time I have a sleeping baby when it's time to take supper -- oops!

LOTS of cotton to pick.

The view from the picker.

The boll buggy that carries the cotton from the picker to the module builder.

Dumping into the boll buggy. This is a bad picture. I had Blair in my lap!

This year, Blair gets to enjoy her daddy's cotton and more than a few rides on the picker. We've already done some visiting, so Blair's already gotten in some good cotton picker riding and driving.

I took Blair out to do some pictures of her in her cotton boll outfit sitting in the cotton. Brad had not seen her in it, so we went to visit. We had other clothes -- I didn't make her wear that hot, fluffy thing the whole time!

You can see what's going on on the ground a lot better from the cab of the cotton picker than in a regular tractor, so she enjoys watching -- as long as she sits in daddy's lap. For Blair, there's no better place than in the arms of her daddy.

Sitting on her box watching her daddy fix one of the picker things.

See you in December, honey! Then it's vacation time! (I'll just pretend that farmers take vacation.)


Shannon K. said...

First time to your blog! I love the picture on your header. Did you take it? So cute.