Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just Blair

Like all babies, Blair is up to many funny things these days....

She likes to hide things. She puts her paci and toys in her "purse" (nebulizer bag), any bag within her reach, or under any chair or sofa with a skirt. It's a riot to see her shove something under a chair, say "uh" (uh-oh), and crawl off like nothing happened!

I'll just put it riiiiight here.

What? I didn't see anything.

Oh, you mean this?

She pops her jaw. This scares me, because I had braces (for the second time) not too many years ago for TMJ, and I still have problems today. I just try to distract her when she does it.

She loves to be chased. This has been an ongoing thing since we went to the beach, but now she's a little speed demon all over the house as soon as she hears, "I'm gonna get you!"

Speed demon with her jaw sticking out.

She's really into trying to hold two things with one hand. She'll pick up a nebulizer medicine ampule, put it in her palm, and try to pick up a block too with the same hand. Sometimes she's successful, but sometimes the two things she chooses don't fit!

She feeds Gus over the side of the high chair. It didn't take long for her to realize that Gus loves her food, especially graham crackers! When Blair doesn't want the food we're trying to give her, she does the "roll 'em over" part of patty cake. When she's finished eating, she tries to take her bib off.

She loves my makeup bag. Her favorite part is trying to chew on the brushes -- on the brush end -- yuck!

Her favorite books are the ones that are as big as she is.

She likes to brush her hair.

She shares her toys.

She still loves shoes and instead of trying to chew them, now she tries to put them on... no matter whose they are!

Climbing has become a new favorite. And she loves the windows when they're wet with condensation. When she wipes it all off, she sees Buddy outside! She loves animals, period. All animals.

She remains determined. She wanted her purse, but it had the nebulizer in it. It didn't matter how heavy that purse was, she was taking it somewhere!

She's just busy being cute as a button -- as usual!


Jamie said...

She IS cute as a button!
She really looks just like you :)

(love that last pic with the messy hair!)

Happy Thanksgiving Blair!!!

Bonnie said...

She is so precious! And as for the hearing - I agree! You are the mom and moms know a lot more about their kids than anyone else! So hang in there - maybe she won't need a hearing aid after all. And if she does, we'll all be thankful there is such a thing!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!