Saturday, November 28, 2009

Game day!

It's that time of year again... the weekend after Thanksgiving when Georgia Tech and Georgia meet. For years, Georgia beat up on Georgia Tech and I never heard the end of it from Georgia fans all around me. I've heard it all. The one that sticks out in my mind is "your stadium's so small it could fit into ours." Really.

Then, last year, we (#22) upset Georgia (#11) in Athens. One of the sweetest moments about that victory was to see one of the Georgia Tech players, a guy I've known all my life who graduated from my high school alma mater, pictured on the front page of the AJC with a piece of the infamous UGA hedges in his mouth. Since it was 2000 when we last beat Georgia, it was his only victory over UGA as a Georgia Tech team member. I just love this picture!

So today the dawgs make their way to Atlanta for the big showdown. Georgia Tech is ranked #7 in the BCS, and they have a habit of throwing at least one game, if not more, during the "good" seasons. Hopefully Paul Johnson has changed that, and the Jackets will come out on top! Don't let me down, Jackets!

UPDATE: Well, it happened. We lost. We played horribly. After six years of getting beaten by UGA, I guess their fans got a little used to our terrible teams and gloating about beating Georgia Tech became less fun since we were never good. Since of the gloating died down, I forgot what it was really like to experience the full blown obnoxiousness of most every Georgia fan I know and all the ones I don't. Well, today I have been reminded why I had vowed that I wouldn't pull for UGA again (against teams besides Tech). I hereby renew my vow.


Jen O'Daniel said...

Well, I have to admit: that is a great picture... though I feel like I'm supposed to say some comment that shows I'm loyal to the Dawgs.

We tailgated, but Grayson and I came home when Clay and the fam went on to the game. I'm watching it now.... seems like it never matters who is better or who has or hasn't beat who in however long... this rivalry is always a shockingly good game (good in the sense that it keeps you watching until the very last second!) Never know what is going to happen!

Jamie said...

Sorry Ashlee...I love you but....

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

I have never been so miserable. the GA fans at that game made it HORRIBLE. never again will i show any respect to Georgia. they had ZERO respect for Tech.