Monday, October 12, 2009

This little piggy had a party.

Well, I have to say that Blair is about as far from a pig as one can get. Although she is eating better, she is by no means a pig like she was when she was in the hospital. Regardless, the child is obsessed with Baby Einstein Baby McDonald, so a pig party it is for her first birthday!

I did invitations even though we didn't need them. I really wanted something for Blair's baby book. And, I thought it would be a good way to communicate the party theme. I couldn't find an invitation that I loved, so I made them, and they turned out really cute. I used a MS Word clip art pig as my pattern. First I got my wording all set and printed it on a piece of card stock. I cut the body out around the words. (I don't have a fancy printer so that was the only way I could work it out!) Then, I cut out the head, nose, eyes, ears, and feet separately and glued them all in the appropriate places. I used textured card stock for the nose and feet. I put the nose and head on with double sided foam tape to give the pig a little depth. Then I added a few things with a marker and glued on the pearls. I wish I had glued the pearls better, because some of them fell off in the mail! The invitations were exactly what I wanted though.

We just had family over to our house for the party for several reasons: germs/flu/colds, our house is tiny and not a fantastic "party" house, and Blair will have many more birthdays where her friends can come and she will actually be old enough (and well enough) to enjoy them.

Mommy and the aunts

GT and Mema smiling at something Blair is doing.

Andad and Grandmom

Yay for Aunt Kimmie!

We let her open gifts first. She really liked her new toys, clothes, and books.

She wanted to play the uh-oh game with the bath toys that Aunt Molly gave her. Into the empty box, uh-oh, get it back, into the empty box, uh-oh....

She LOVES books, especially ones with animals.

Give the kitty a kiss.

She liked the ball popper from Aunt Kimmie!

Reading with Gigi.

Paper is fun too!

Afterwards, we all ate supper. Blair had one of her favorites: vegetable pasta medley. We're still working on food textures with her. She gags pretty easily, so she's not eating much table food still. The adults ate ribs, green pea casserole, macaroni and cheese, and bread.

After supper, we ate the pig cake with homemade vanilla ice cream. Yum! Blair touched her pig cake, but she didn't eat it. I didn't expect her to really. I knew as soon as she felt squishy, she was going to look at me like, "get this off of my hand!" My mom made both of the cakes. The little one was precious. It was just right. The big one was amazing! It was precious and delicious. She did a super job. I think she surprised herself!

The big pig cake

Blair's little cake

Blow out the candle!

She took the nose off.

And handed it to me.

Blair was great during the party. Her bedtime is 6:30 or so, so she did well to stay up until 7:30 playing. She was so worn out though, it took her a while to go to sleep. It was a great first birthday!


Jamie said...

Precious!! What a great party theme and what an adorable birthday girl!!! Glad y'all had such a great day! :)