Friday, October 30, 2009

Purdiest Cotton Boll I Ever Saw

It was Brad's idea for Blair to be a cotton boll for Halloween. He was right on the money. She looks adorable. We are so thankful we have Grandmom, because she worked super hard to make this costume. It's perfect! We won't be trick or treating this year, so this is Blair's own little virtual costume parade!

Happy Halloween!

Look how fat it is!


Molly said...

I LOVE it. LOVE it!
she looks so cute.
love all three of you!

Jill said...

What a great idea! She's the cutest cotton ball I've ever seen!

Our Cup Runneth Over said...

Oh my goodness! I grew up around cotton all of my life. That is what my mothers family does! We have done John Deere parties and farm parties but never have I thought of a COTTON BALL! I have to recreate this!!!!

Unknown said...

Does she have instructions on how this was made anywhere?

Anonymous said...

As a farmer's daughter this is by far my favorite costume idea ever!!!!!! Blair is adorable anyway but as a cotton boll beyond precious! thank you for sharing! my dog may have to be one if I can't convince my a small fry in my family this year lol

Ashlee said...

Hi Emily, email me and I can send you instructions.