Friday, November 13, 2009

Eat your peanuts, please!

Picking peanuts. The grassy looking part left over is what is baled for the cattle. They LOVE peanut hay!

Blair and I have been able to do some peanut digging this year, and we've watched some picking as well. What they do, for those of you who don't know farming (I certainly didn't!), is dig the peanuts first. The peanut digger takes the plants out of the ground and turns them over so that the peanuts that were in the ground are on top of their leaves. Then, they let the peanuts sit for a few days to dry. They smell so good after a day or so! We don't grow peanuts for boiling. They do those a bit different. Those peanuts are not dried. They dig them and immediately harvest them so they will not dry out.

Brad on the tractor digging peanuts. The green strip behind the tractor is the top of the plants before digging.

Here they are after being dug out of the ground. The black pieces are fragments of biodegradable watermelon plastic from previous seasons.

Blair and I visited several times this season. Blair loves the tractor and loves to drive. Actually, as long as she's sitting with daddy, she's happy!

She fits in the steering wheel!

On top of the peanut wagon.

Giving her daddy some peanuts. Of course I spent the whole time worried about her being allergic to peanuts, but it turned out ok.

With daddy on the peanut hay.

Peanut hay for the cows.

They are just finishing up with peanuts and starting on cotton, so more farming pics will come shortly!


Julia said...

The National Peanut Board is our client but I have never really seen how the peanuts are farmed. Interesting to see if from the farmers perspective.

Oh and of course Blair is precious as always!

Jen O'Daniel said...

Love the pics of Blair in the steering wheel of the tractor! What a cutie-pa-tootie!