Saturday, October 24, 2009

Farmer Appreciation Day

Blair with her daddy in the peanut field on top of the peanut hay.

I heard on the radio today that less than 3% of Americans are farmers. That percentage is low but there are lots of them in our area, and we are celebrating them today with Farmer Appreciation Day! Blair and I appreciate our farmers, Daddy and Andad!

Blair on top of the peanut wagon.

Funny that Farmer Appreciation Day is today, because none of them can enjoy it. Most of them are digging or picking peanuts, baling hay, or defoliating or picking cotton. It's a busy time of year for our farmers, so all of the non-farmers are downtown celebrating! Blair and I had to go run an errand, so we just looked at the tractors without getting around too many people.

There were several old tractors on display.

This tractor was going to be in the parade, I believe. Her shirt says, "I Farm You Eat."

They had some bands set up to play. Blair enjoyed the music!

Unfortunately, there weren't many arts and crafts booths. We didn't go over there to see what there was. I didn't want to get close to other people with Blair.

They had the street blocked off with peanut wagons.

Another tidbit I found: in the USA, the number of people in prison/jail is greater than the number of farmers.

Happy Farmer Appreciation Day! We love you Daddy!