Monday, September 7, 2009

...with the rearview mirror torn off...

I used to love Jo Dee Messina. When I was on foreign study in college, I sang two of her songs over and over at night listening to a cassette walkman. That was forever ago it seems. The lead foot on the accelerator still applies though.

I hate to admit that I have a speeding problem.
I like to think that I'm rehabilitated, but I'm not sure. I've done better lately. (Except for one time recently. It way past my bedtime, I was distracted, and I went through a local speed trap of which I was not aware and turned off my cruise control, which was supposed to keep me from speeding, too late. Well, of course I got stopped. It didn't matter that I sobbed (not on purpose), which I had never done, I still got a ticket -- for speeding and having an expired tag. Lovely.)

No matter how fast I drive, I'd never make it in NASCAR. Those boys drive fast, and those cars are loud! It sure is fun to watch though! This weekend Brad and I went to the inaugural NASCAR night race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. We had a really fun day with lots of neat experiences. We got there in the early afternoon and went to the Farm Bureau hospitality tent in the infield.

We had a really nice day spending time under the tent, touring the pits, eating good food, and exploring the "scenery."

My bag is huge! It was full of clothes for both of us to change into after the pit tour.

Farm Bureau pit guy getting tires ready.

Busy, busy!

Coach Joe Gibbs owns the Farm Bureau car. He came by to chat for a minute.

I got to put on one of his Super Bowl rings!

The Farm Bureau car is driven by Denny Hamlin, who also came by to say hello and explain some racing terminology.

Here's some of the more inventive scenery we saw. Looks like fun!

Complete with cabinetry, a deck, and a viewing area.

With bunks and all.

Later, we headed on up to the grandstand for the race. Farm Bureau had radios for us, so that was really nice. We were going to have to rent them otherwise.
Denny Hamlin did pretty well for a good portion of the race, so it was fun to pull for him. We got home really late, but I would love to go again sometime!

Double chills with the National Anthem and a fly by!

Best one of the day -- Brad walking to the car.

I'm going to explain this picture by quickly mentioning the ordeal we went through trying to exit the race, because it wasn't at the time, but it's now quite comical. We left early so that we could get started on the drive home. But, to turn in the radios we had to exit the opposite side of the track from which we parked. We couldn't find a shuttle to take us around to the other side (even though people in empty golf carts kept passing us by). We asked the medics outside the track for the best way to get to our lot. There answer: "by car."
But we walked. Brad insisted. It had to be like two miles. AND, as we left the track, Brad said he was was getting a blister, so I let him wear my flip flop while I wore his tennis shoe -- yes, singular. We walked nearly two miles with two different shoes on.

But that's not all. Thirty minutes later when we got to our lot, they wouldn't let us go to the car! I was so frustrated! All around me I had drunk folks stumbling and yelling at the police who were barricading the parking lot so that the Atlanta Motor Speedway could shoot FIREWORKS. The crowd trying to go home grew, and most everyone was upset. It seems like the AMS could have found a different spot from which to shoot fireworks. We had to wait another thirty minutes until the race was over for them to shoot the fireworks. By the time we got to the car around midnight (over an hour after we left the track), we sat there for almost another hour trying to get out of the lot! On that trip, Brad put in some serious quality time with his wife. He's good for a few weeks, at least!


Jen O'Daniel said...

A bus like that with the platform on top and bunks within is Clay's DREAM! Honestly, whenever we have that yearly conversation about, "What would you do if we actually won the lottery?" I think a NASCAR bus is somewhere in the top 5, well... maybe Top 10. I'm sure that isn't all that expensive to get an old rundown bus, but the cost of keeping it somewhere might be! And I'm not so sure about having one of those as a yard ornament! ;) Looks like y'all had fun! Good times!

AA said...

I can't hear the first note of that song without thinking of you....looks like it was a fun day! Hilarious about the shoes!!