Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super Year

After a rough start, we've had a super year with this baby. She's come a long way this year. We're so thankful to God that Blair has been healthy since we've had her at home. The happy busy baby we have today is a world of difference from a year ago. It is truely a miracle that Blair is here and thriving!

Blair on October 9, 2008

Blair on October 9, 2009

She makes us laugh constantly. We really can't get over how good she is... still. It amazes us that she hardly ever cries, goes to bed super easily, and is just happy happy most of the time.

She's a booty in the air sleeper, cloth diaper in hand.

The eating is the most difficult part, and it's not all that bad. She knows yogurt by name now and does her bye-bye wave to say she wants it (and anything else). We started Pediasure at the end of August, and it's going well. She gained over a pound the first month. She's eating better overall but still eating mostly pureed baby food without chunks. She ate sweet potato cubes one day without gagging, which was good. I have chunky baby food for her to try often so we can try to get her gag reflex desensitized some! It's not working yet.

Here Gus, you eat this.

Blair has five teeth. She just got one on the top, but it's on the side instead of in the middle, so she has a fang! Mine did the same thing when I was a baby. The other three on top will follow shortly I'm sure. She wears a 2 or 3 diaper and 9 or some 12 month clothes. She grows out of the length but everywhere else is too big! She weighs about 15 pounds 5 ounces and is 28 inches long. And she has one freckle -- on her hiney!

All kids are funny to their parents. Blair has always been funny to us as well, but now Brad and I sometimes look at each other and say, "Where did she get that from?!" For example, not only does she now imitate someone coughing, she drags her nebulizer around like a purse with the strap on her shoulder. She also points the remote at the tv and puts a cell phone to her ear like she's done it her whole life. All of those things she started doing after only observing us. We were shocked to see how observant babies really are -- she's soaking it up!

My purse has never been so heavy! (It has the nebulizer in it.)

Hey, Dada!

Blair likes to crawl under things now. And she hides stuff under any furniture that has a skirt. She also likes to remove things from drawers, boxes, bags, etc. and then put them back. Over and over. She is still into pulling all of the cloth diapers out of the bottom drawer of her dresser and throwing them up haphazardly on the floor.

I'll just put the remote under here so mommy can't find it... and my paci, my brush, Gus's ball, a few toys, and a shoe.

Put makeup in the bag. Take makeup out of the bag.

She calls Gus. Uuuuuuuuu -- with a note change in the middle just like mommy does it. One morning, I was calling him, and she called him every time I called him. She likes to pretend like Gus is going to chase her. She gets all excited and crawls fast from him, but he doesn't care. I'm sure he'll play with her one day. Right now, she just puts her fingers in his eyes.

Singing is one of her favorite things. She loves Itsy, Bitsy Spider. She raises her arms up high and puts her fingers together. She also likes The Wheels on the Bus. She tries to do the "beep, beep, beep" and "move on back." She bounces up and down whenever we sing any song. She didn't get rhythm from her mommy, but she's got it! She also loves books. She goes through phases of which ones she likes the best. She crawls over to the book shelf and heaves one off to give to the nearest adult. The latest favorite is The Three Billy Goats Gruff. It's the biggest book we have, so she has a time handling it! She does a lot of kissing books -- kitties, the boy in I Love You Through and Through, most anything she likes. It's so cute!

This book mommy. Read this one, please.

We've been working with b words for her early intervention speech therapy (for her hearing). She knows almost all of the things in the
b bag full of b toys. She's not saying any of them, but she'll pick them all out one by one by name: baby, brush, ball, bear, bottle, bubbles, beads, book, box and bird. She knows open, close, where's your purse (nebulizer bag), where's the duck, sit down, and love the baby. She pats herself when asked, "Where's Blair?" I think it's great she knows Blair, hair, and bear -- especially with her suspected hearing issues. She also brushes her own hair, feeds the baby with the bottle and gives her a paci, and puts on and takes off beads -- all on verbal command.

She says "uh" for up (to be picked up), and "uh" for uh-oh. She loves the uh-oh game. Her daddy plays it with her. She throws the item back on the floor and saying "uh" before he can even stand back up all the way! He also plays what he calls "Doodle Unit operation" and makes her laugh so hard by burying his face in her tummy. Yes, she usually chooses him over me. Who wouldn't with a daddy who's that much fun?!

You are the best thing we have ever done. We can't described the joy you bring to every day. Daily, we sit and watch you with huge smiles on our faces. We are so thankful for you. Every day, I tell God how thankful I am for you and that he has kept you well throughout this year. Your daddy says he wants to spray you with pix so you'll quit growing, but we both know that we have such wonderful days in store for us watching you grow up and do new things. Your kisses make me smile, as do many other things you do. We are so blessed, and you remind us every day.

We love you.
Mommy and Daddy


Jamie said...

What a beautiful post. Blair is such a blessing and I'm so happy to hear that things are going so well. We are still praying that she continues to grow big and strong with no hearing problems!
I look forward to meeting her in person one day :)
Until then, thanks for the posts. I love getting little peeks into life with sweet Blair!
Here's to lots of happy and healthy years to come!

Julia said...

Love the post! She is such a doll face and is getting so big. I am so glad to hear that her hearing is doing so well!

Shweta said...

HI...I came across your blog when I was looking for ideas for my 9 month old baby girl's first birthday (Oct 17) ...Blaire is such a sweetheart and a true was very emotional to read through her progress but upon coming to this post felt very happy that she fought her way through so well...why not...she has such a great mommy to take care of her...:)

- Shweta