Friday, September 25, 2009

She's just petite.

I have Mondays and Fridays off, and it seems that we have something planned for just about every single one for the whole semester. We are always having to do something! This week, we went to the GI. Brad was going to take her next week. (I almost fell out when he agreed to take her...WHAT?!) But, they called and had a cancellation on a day I could go, so I snatched that up. I could just see Brad trying to tell them what week gestation she was born, what she eats, or who her doctor is. He loves her to pieces, but you know how men are. Plus, I enjoyed hearing the nurse's interview questions. After all, I am taking Health Assessment right now!
The appointment went well except for the part where we sat in the waiting room for two hours with an 11 month old who knows no speed other than just plain busy and a mama who refuses to let her touch anything in the doctor's office much less crawl! Ew! Blair was good though. We didn't hear a cry from her the whole time. By the end though, we were letting her play with chapstick, hand sanitizer, the tylenol bottle, and nebulizer ampules!
The GI said that Blair looked fine to him. He was "shocked" to see how good she looked! Yes, she is small, (she weighed 14 pounds 8 ounces on his scale) but she is proportional, and she doesn't look malnourished. She's got a few dimples in her hiney and legs! I was terrified he was going to give her an NG tube, especially when I saw a 13 year old boy come in with one, but he didn't make a mention of it. He said that we would just try to increase her growth curve a little by adding calories. He put her on Pediasure, like Ensure -- 240 calories in 8 ounces, and polycose powder supplement to mix in her food. I'm actually impressed in her eating lately. This week she once at a whole jar of third foods broccoli and carrots in one meal! Yaaaaay! And, she ate a whole regular sized jar today and some yogurt. Another almost unheard of occurrence. Go Blair!
On a sidenote... I ended up scrapping using the breastmilk from the freezer. And I say using because I haven't brought myself to throw it out yet. I suspected that it was giving her thrush again (there was a chance, since it was milk from when we had yeast issues for so long back at the first of the year), so I decided that it wasn't worth that battle. So the GI appointment came at a perfect time, and we'll just hope Miss Blair grows big -- but not too fast!


Unknown said...

There's nothing wrong with being petite. They always used to tell me dynamite comes in small packages!! :) My girls can wear the same panties & they're 5 years apart.

SarahHub said...

Evie has always been small. We did the whole GI thing, weight checks, etc. But then I just realized she's petite. And she actually made it onto the growth chart (4%) at her 2-year check up! Blair will be just fine!