Friday, September 11, 2009

Good for Me Food

It's dove season! Dove, grits, and biscuits with honey is probably the meal I most look forward to all year long -- probably more than Thanksgiving, and I love Thanksgiving! Brad didn't hunt on opening weekend, but a sweet friend gave me some birds, so I fried them up. I made grits with cream cheese, which are out of this world, and I made biscuits. I was in a hurry, because I was supposed to be studying for a test (I love a little procrastination in the form of a good meal!), so they're not the prettiest I've ever made, but they sure were good! This food may not be good for you, but it's good for me because it makes me happy!

If you like grits, you should try them with cream cheese. Use about 1 or 1 1/2 ounces of cream cheese per serving of grits. Put the cream cheese in the water to boil along with the salt and continue as usual adding grits after the water boils. The cream cheese make the grits super creamy and delicious!


SarahHub said...

I have never had any of this food, but you make is sound yummy!