Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eleven is one away from twelve.

Miss Blair is eleven months old and quickly approaching her first birthday. The girl is a trip. We just don't know how we could love anything more than we love her. She'll even give us a kiss or two occasionally which makes it all the better! And she likes to give us other things, books, toys that aren't toys... Maybe she'll be a good sharer! If she finds something or I tell her to get a certain toy, the first thing she does is try to hand it to me. She's doing this jaw thing lately though where she moves her chin forward. It's the funniest thing!

She seems to be enjoying getting to see her grandmothers on a regular basis now that I'm in school. I don't think Blair minds the new routine at all. She's still sleeping well at night, and her bedtime is still around 6pm or 6:30pm depending on the day's schedule. She still takes two good naps too.

This girl LOVES some Baby Einstein -- Baby McDonald to be exact. She's not much on the others that we've seen, but she'll watch McDonald over and over. Glued. Mesmerized. She bounces when the music plays, and she points the remote at the tv like she knows what she's doing!

Another favorite is reading books. She likes to turn the pages. She also loves to stick her little finger out and feel textures in the books. We have a book called I See a Monster that has the best textures. That left index finger is getting lots of action; she points at everything!

From the day she found her feet, Blair has loved them dearly. She uses them like hands sometimes and props them whenever there's a prop available.

It seems like she's talking more these days, but it could be my just wanting her to talk! She's got the "uh" part of "uh-oh." She still talks to Gus a lot, and she "loves" him by patting him when I tell her to. And she pats herself! She talks to Mona the kitty too. Meow is her favorite animal sound. We've just started teaching her the Itsy, Bitsy Spider, and she smiles every time I do it.

And she loves the phone. She even grabbed my mom's cell phone out of her purse and put it up to her ear. You think she might see that on occasion?!

She's just got to weigh 15 pounds by now. I feed her as much as she'll eat. She's likes Yo Baby yogurt and knows what the container looks like. She likes the baby on it. She points at him (or her?!) and kisses him. She's pretty much in 9 months clothes, and size 2 diaper is still a good fit. The third tooth appeared the first week of September without much ado. She's grabbing food (at least a cracker or two) with her thumb and index finger. She's still timid on the cruising, but her balance is really good. She'll be running before we know it.