Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where We Live: The Master Bedroom

I got bored with the home tours and stopped short of doing the last room, which is the master bedroom. I was reminded today about it, and since I finished my thesis and have all this time on my hands, why not?

This is our bedroom. Before Blair was born we moved rooms so that we could have a bigger bed.
I love the bedroom suit. It is not top of the line, but it's very nice. The two windows allow good afternoon light in here, so I take pictures of Blair in here sometimes.

Walking into the room, Gus's bed is the first thing you see. You also see that there's really no place I go that he's not going as well. He's rotten. I've heard you're not supposed to have a TV in your bedroom, but where else would I watch TV when Brad is watching dvr'd episode after episode of Seinfeld? (which I like, but not when my shows are on!) One of Blair's favorite things is to tip over the DVD towers next to the TV. Since Netflix, we don't really buy DVDs unless it's a must have, but I still love love love having Friends to watch anytime I want!

On the back wall is the framed drawing that was done by a local artist for our rehearsal dinner invitation. The velum paper over the cotton boll turned out really pretty for the invite, and the framed print is beautiful as well.

All of the bedding and the lamp here came from Target. I'm all about Target for bedding, because it's pretty inexpensive. I don't feel so bad when I get tired of it -- which is often! Brad hates the comforter. He says it's too heavy. So I throw it off the end of the bed every night and just use a blanket. I'm sure I'll be ready for something different before long, so we'll make do until then.

This is the wall adjacent to the bedroom door. My closet is there on the right. Brad's clothes are still in our old room, which is now the guest room, but that's ok. I don't quite understand what people did with their stuff back in the day when our house was built. They didn't seem to need near the closet space we require. Maybe we have too much stuff! I got this lamp and the other blue one on the dresser on super sale when Camelia & Main had their last warehouse sale -- they were around $15 each!

I got these two small oil paintings in Spain when I was there doing my masters coursework. I bought them in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid and surely paid too much for them, but to me they are worth what I paid, because they mean so much to me. I have another one that hangs in our hallway that I got in 1998 on my very first foreign study.

I got this little semi-circular table at Hobby Lobby. I think it's great for the room, and Hobby Lobby has great prices on furniture like this. We didn't have space for two full-sized night stands, so this is perfect. I liked it so much, I bought a table from the same collection for Blair's room.

So that's our room! I hope you enjoyed the tour!


SarahHub said...

I love your bedroom! Mine has all sorts of junk on top of every available surface, so I won't be posting any pics! But your room looks nice and serene!