Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perfect 10

Lets see what all you're doing this days, Miss Blair! You are TEN MONTHS OLD!!

You are growing out of the 3 -6 months clothes in the length, so we've taken out some 6 - 9 months sized stuff -- you're movin' up in the world, girlfriend! We're still using size 1-2 or 2 diapers. You're 26 1/2 inches and somewhere over 14 pounds (hopefully close to 15!).

You are still a very happy baby and now flap your arms up and down when you're excited. You kiss yourself in the mirror and baby dolls, but you won't give me many kisses! You are just beginning to try to cruise by swapping from holding onto a chair to your musical table, but you don't take more than a step or two. You clearly state that you want something by reaching and saying "uh, uh, uh." You are sill the sweetest thing ever. When I get you out of the tub. You lean up against me. It's the stillest you are all day!

Eating is still a chore for the most part. We still give you breast milk in a bottle -- about 22 ounces a day, with a scoop of powdered formula and a little corn oil added to each 6 ounce bottle for extra calories. You love carrots. You'll eat most anything that has carrots as the first ingredient. All other things? Not so much. We're still having some issues with food. It's hit or miss on a daily basis. You even meet the old standby, cereal, with pursed lips and a head turn sometimes. The only finger foods you eat are dry ones, like puffs and yogurt melts. All of the wet, not-out-of-a-package, fresh stuff is just great for squishing. I put puffs, peas, and mandarin oranges on your tray, and you ate all the puffs and nothing else. You do seem to enjoy sand whether it's wet or dry.

You have an odd obsession with shoes -- any shoes really, but you are loving flip flops right now!

You love to take things out of boxes, bags, or drawers and to unfold clothes.

Your favorite toys include your musical table, superstar sing-along stage, and animal parade. You "dance" by bouncing up and down when you here music from toys or music on tv (commercials, tv shows, etc.). You also still love the small blue board book that has textures on each page. You have just started reaching your little finger out to touch them like mommy does.

You began doing a few new things while we were at the beach. You wave "hey" and "bye bye" now.

You also hold your own bottle -- finally!

You know to look for her paci when asked where it is. The funniest of all is your fast breathing and speed crawling when your daddy goes after you saying "I'm gonna get you!" It is precious!

(more pics to come -- i'm swamped with school and this post has been waiting for too long already!)


SarahHub said...

She is growing so fast!