Saturday, August 29, 2009


We've started going once a month to an early intervention specialist for Blair's Auditory Neuropathy. The specialist will monitor Blair's speech progress to make sure that she does not get behind and give us auditory activities to work on at home. If Blair does get behind on her speech due to AN, we will be able to act accordingly.

We went this past week and had a good time and came home with lots of homework! We've got homework for days in this house right now. With my five classes (who told me it was a good idea to go to nursing school?) and Blair's homework, I don't know
when I'll be homework free! Blair's teacher gave us some good ideas though, so I'm excited about working with Blair. Among other things, we'll be concentrating on "b" words, since she already says "b." She says other consonants too, but "b" is evidently a good one to start with because it's easy and many first words start with "b."

The teacher was pleased with Blair's hearing but is wondering about how she is hearing the mid tones. We know that she hears low and high tones well, but the mid tones are questionable. She called it a cookie bite audiogram, which means it dips in the middle, I guess. She's going to keep an eye on it, and Blair's hearing will be tested there as well as continuing with her regular ENT.

The good news is that there are several phrases to which Blair responds with no physical cues -- meaning that she does the appropriate action without being shown. This is wonderful, since we are not sure how much "static" she has from the Auditory Neuropathy that would impede her hearing clearly. It's a blessing that she is showing receptive language. We hope that the understanding of these phrases will be followed by some spoken language! Here are the phrases that we know that Blair knows:

Where's Gus?
Where's Da Da?
No, no.
Bye bye!
Where's your paci?
Turn the page.
Kiss the baby.
Where's the baby?
Patty cake, patty cake....
Love Gus.


Julia said...

I hope things work out well with her therapy. I know she is going to do great. the good news about all the homework is that since you are in lock down mode already (doesn't swine flu suck!) you will have time to work on everything. She is precious and I love all the pictures. I can't wait for her and Perron to meet!

AA said...

That is great, Ash!! Looks like she is developing well and with these therapy classes and homework, you'll be on top of it. Hope you are having a good week!