Monday, August 31, 2009

It doesn't phase her.

With school starting back and cold and flu season right around the corner (well, I think it's pretty much here), we've buckled back down on Blair's public outings. After seeing her in pictures you probably wouldn't even think that we would have any problems, and Blair IS doing well, but she is still very fragile from a respiratory standpoint.

She sure is a sweet girl!

She's still on oxygen at night, and I don't have any idea when that might change. The faster she grows, the better her lungs will get. Although she gained good weight before her July appointment, she had not when she went last week. She's only 14 pounds 3 ounces. She's no road runner in the growth category. We just have to trust God's timing for her and his protection over her while she recovers. In the meantime, we're headed over to the GI Center to add another doctor to our list. Feeding tube was mentioned, but I sure hope it doesn't come to that. We'll see at the end of the month. Of course, don't all parents want their kids to stay little? Brad asked me tonight if we could only feed her once a day so that she would stop growing. She certainly seems to grow fast to me too!

But she's as tough as they come. Do you think she listens to anyone?!

Blair's just a normal baby for most of the day. She's busy as can be, can't sit still, and smiles more than anything else. however, she does deal with a few things that aren't so much fun. Every morning, every. single. morning., Blair wakes up coughing -- which leads to throwing up. Every morning. Since she's been asleep for 10 hours, there's usually nothing to throw up, and sometimes I think that's worse. The good thing is as soon as we give her a nebulizer treatment, she's fine. But before that, it's not fun. She usually has one other wheezing spell around mid afternoon, so we do another nebulizer treatment for that, and she's all better. Those two treatments would be in addition to the two steroid nebulizer treatments we do every day as well. So that's three to four nebulizer treatments each day. Blair loves her purple dragon, but I'm sure she'd rather play with it than wear it. Nebulizer treatments are a pain, but I'm so thankful they work.

All this sounds bad, but it's nothing to Blair. She takes each nebulizer treatment without batting an eye or dropping a toy. They don't even phase her. People who see her for the first time are amazed by her ignoring the mask, going about her business (within reach of the nebulizer) or sitting quietly in her mommy's lap. This baby is a good baby -- for many more reasons that this one!

Blair will most likely get four flu shots this year and will have RSV prevention shots again, but before then I'm nervous about this swine flu, since I understand that it can be respiratory. I'm not scared of the flu by itself, just the flu and Blair. We are certainly asking God to keep Blair healthy and continue to bless her growth and recovery. Please keep Blair in your prayers during the coming months. We are so thankful that she IS doing so well, but we have still have to be careful.

And here she is on a different day doing what she does best: unfold clothes!

I didn't used to be as germ conscious, but now I'm very aware. When I'm out, I see folks put their hands in their mouths like I used to spot gum chewers in my classroom. It's like a magnet to my eyes. Just take a look when you're out. You would not believe the number of people you will see who put their hands on their faces or in their mouths in public. When we first had Blair, even I had to be very mindful of not chewing on my fingers. It took practice, but a sick daughter was a good motivator. So, if you see us around (which is less likely these days) and happen to grab Blair's foot or hand, don't be offended if I slather her with hand sanitizer. I'm just doing the best I can.


Jamie said...

I know this flu season will be nerve-racking for you. I'm a little nervous for Abby so I can't imagine how you feel. So I'll add Blair to the prayers! She is such a little character isn't she?!? I think she and Abby would be great friends...we have to get them together (spring 2010 of course!)
Blair and Abby do have a lot of the same clothes and toys don't they? Although we have the patchwork pants not the overalls - those are too cute!
Best of luck in school!

SarahHub said...

Oh, she is just the sweetest-looking girl ever!

Blair will be in my prayers. I'm worried about the whole swine flu thing with a new infant this fall...

KatieG said...

Ashley, you are AMAZING! I can not imagine emotionally handling all that you do in taking care of Blair. Amazing. I"m praying for that sweet baby as well!