Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beach Bums

Blair and I officially became beach bums and stayed a second week at the beach. I'd never spent two weeks at the beach, and I have to admit that it is more than plenty of time. I was ready to go home! We spent the first week with Brad, his parents, and sister; and we spent the last week with my mom and siblings. We've had lots of good food and fun on the beach and in the pool.

Bikini Blair

Blair is sort of undecided about the beach. She likes it sometimes and crawls around happy, and then other times she does nothing but whine. The whining and her temper have kicked up a notch in the last couple of weeks. She even laughed once when I told her "no" (Orr, I'll get some tips later!). I think she may be cutting a top tooth as well, so that's not really helping.

We did lots of walking on the beach to see birds. Blair walks soldier style.

She doesn't do too much food eating, but she seems to like sand just fine!

She does have a fascination with birds on the beach. My mom ran her down the beach after them, and Blair kicked her legs and flapped her arms. When you ask her about birds she flaps her arms and acts excited.

My mom's star on her necklace is another fascination. She grabs for it without even looking.

The pool is lots of fun, and Blair loves flying in the air!

She played with my brothers too. She stood in the big hole and messed up their work!

She checked out how her stroller works. Sounds just like her daddy to me!

Aunt Linnie let her play with shells!

She started waving "hey" and "bye" while we were there. She waved to everything!

Walking with her Aunt Molly

Blair does her scrunchy nose face on her own or after someone else does it.

John with sweet Blair all cuddled up to him. She also does this every time I take her out of the bathtub.

Daytona Beach 2009


AA said...

Love her smile in the last pic!!!