Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Babes

This is beach post number one. I have so many cute pictures I want to share, so I thought I'd split it up. After all we were there for a really long time....

So we went to Ormond Beach with Brad's family and had a blast. Kim and I spent some good hours on the beach, where these days I prefer the shade of a tent. My skin is not happy about the days when I used to think I needed to be super dark to look good. I finally broke down and read the Twilight Saga. I tend not to read novels when I have things to do, because I'm such a dedicated reader that I ignore all other responsibilities. So when I go to the beach, I read read read! I read all four Twilight books while I was at the beach. Very good books.

One of the very first pictures I took is one of my favorites!

The rare picture with mommy who is always behind the camera!

Blair got in some good beach time as well. Once she gets sandy though, it's all over! I love the fact that she got to wear two bathing suits everyday! You can't wear the wet one from the morning when you go out in the afternoon! That's no fun! It worked out well, because for some reason Blair has tons of suits. Her grandmothers and aunts are mostly to blame, but I'm not complaining!

I already have a sand thrower!

The little blow up pool I found helped wash sand off, but she just wanted to put her face in the water.

We had some yummy food at places like High Tides, River Grille, and our favorite Betty's A1A Cafe. Betty's has the most delicious fried shrimp, which they use for their outstanding shrimp parmesan!

Food and fun at High Tides.

My toe-pointing, foot propping, big-eyed babe!

Blair and Kim with me outside Betty's.

Blair had lots of fun with Grandmom, Aunt Kimmie, and Andad...

And there's always fun with daddy!

On the beach...

...and in the pool. Of course daddy's hat is a favorite toy!

Blair spent a lot of her time in the condo playing with her little animal parade. She flapped her arms with excitement as it came towards her! Of course that means that someone had to make it do that, but that's ok! (Her pajamas don't match, so she must have had some sort of accident.)

She still loves that paci. It makes everything better!

Spot and grab... and smile!
This girl's happy to be at the beach!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Blair is a doll! Glad y'all had fun.

SarahHub said...

She looks so happy in the pool pics! I love her smile!

Bonnie said...

She is SO cute!! Love the skirted bikini!! Looks like she had a great time at the beach!

Connor Family Blog said...

Ok, so we passed through Rochelle on our way to and from Florida. We were heading to Marianna for Caleb's grandmother's 90th birthday celebration. Anyhoo I wished that I had your number! We were searching for a "meat and three" yesterday afternoon. We could have met up!! I tried to imagine all of the fun times you tell about in your blog as we passed through. Nothing like a small town!