Saturday, July 11, 2009

Puppies? Yep, we've got that too.

We got rid of the ferrets, and now we have a puppy. FANtastic. (We don't actually have her; we're just keeping her until someone else can have her!)
Last night I was sitting in the den about to go to bed, and I heard some noises on the back porch. I went out there and found a small black lab mix puppy behind the washing machine. I tried to get her to come out, but she was scared, so I just left her. I didn't want to have to get back there and get dirty when I was about to go to bed. Yes, my laundry machines are on the glass porch. Yes, it's dirty out there -- it might as well be outside since there is a screened window that lets in dirt and bugs. I don't even take dirty clothes out there unless I'm going to put them directly into the washer for fear that they might get dirtier waiting in line to be washed. I just separate and line up the loads of dirty clothes in the hallway instead. I love my old house, so it's ok that my laundry room (really unroom) is not nice. And by the way, what is it about laundry detergent that makes spiders want to live in the box? Brad says they must want a clean house. Ha ha. Seriously though, they make webs overnight in my detergent box. Yuck.
So back to the puppy. At 4am, she was yelping, so Brad climbed up on top of the dryer, fished her out from behind there, and put her out. This morning she was on the front porch. We keep our front door open during the day, and the puppy saw Gus through the glass door and started crying. Poor thing.

She just looks in. And she put puppy marks on my door.

I'm such a sucker. She was covered with fleas, so I gave her a bath. And I fed her. Then she followed me around the house.

She's really sweet. And she swims! I took our dogs swimming and let her tag along. My guess is that she's 8 or 10 weeks old, and she was swimming out there with the big dogs!

She jumped right in after Buddy and Gus.

Swimming after the big dogs.

Look at these goons.

Teaching the puppy how to share?

Please share, please share!

She loves Buddy and Gus. She followed them around everywhere at the pond. Right now she's in the pen with Buddy, and she seems to be happy (not crying). Who wants her?!


Unknown said...

Looks to me like y'all've got a new puppy. Like that word - y'all've!