Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nine Months

Our sweet Blair,

I really don't think we realize how good we have it with you. You are the absolute best baby in the world. Not only do you make us laugh constantly, but you are also so easy. You are almost always happy with only a hint of a temper every now and then.
It's the best feeling in the world when I look at you, and you smile so big. You reach for me now when I go get you out of your bed. I love that. You are so excited to see us when we come in your room.

This is what happened during the nine month photo session.

You pop your mouth (smack your lips) all the time. We think you might do it when you're interested in something or you like something, but sometimes you look like you're trying to mimic us talking our eating! You love when we do it as well. You smile every time. You laugh the most at your daddy though. You love when he plays with you while you're in your bed. You scream and fall down you laugh so hard.

Everyone says you have big eyes. You have big beautiful eyes!

We play in your room every day, but you also play very well by yourself. You just found out you could move from room to room, so we are in for it (and so is Gus)! You are one tough little girl. God knew what he was doing when he made you. There are times when you hurt yourself, and I'm sure you're going to cry, but you don't. Sometimes you do though, and it will break anyone's heart. You can put on the biggest frown.

You still scream a lot.

And you laugh a lot!

You are now crawling really well, and you pull up on everything. You have had several small boo boos, mostly when you get too ambitious and knock your head on the floor. Your crawl is quite funny. You use your left knee and your right foot. You right knee never gets dirty, because it hardly touches the ground. Your left knee and the top of your left foot, however, stay dirty. I guess I need to do a better job on our floors!

The crawl: one knee, one foot.

You drank out of a cup for the first time. You loved it. We are about to try a sippy, but you don't even hold your bottle, so I don't know how that's going to work out.

This is your new "thing."

I put you on the floor in the kitchen while I'm working, and you play with the fridge farm. You don't quite get the concept, so it starts over and over again as you press away on all the buttons. You love your sing along stage. You know all the right buttons to press and love looking at the baby in the mirror.

You are also still in love with your paci and the dragon mask. You make a beeline for both.

  • You go to bed around 6pm and get up around 7am. I still feed you before I go to bed, but you never wake up.
  • You take two good naps and wake up talking every time. You put yourself to sleep and go back to sleep on your own if you wake up too early.
  • You wear size 3 - 6 months clothing and size 1-2 or 2 diapers. Last week, you weighed 13 lb 1 oz and were 25 1/2 inches long. We are now putting oil in your bottles to try to help your little lungs grow faster. You eat two meals a day (if we're lucky). You love carrots and hate fruit. You don't gag, but you shudder when I give you fruit as if I had given you a lemon!

You love playing with your dresser and looking out the window.
  • You are still on oxygen at night, but you are doing very well. We went to the doctor last week because you were wheezing more, but he said it was just a bump in the road and that we didn't need to change anything.
  • Yesterday, I felt a very small part of your first tooth! How exciting! You have gnawed on everything in site for months, and I didn't notice any change in your behavior. I hope all your teething goes that well!
We love you very much!
mommy and daddy

You like to "kiss" the ducky!