Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love watermelon season. I especially love to hear Brad talk about watermelons. He calls them melons. Not watermelons, just melons. And Brad says the word melon so cute. I can't explain it; there's something about the way he drags the l out. It makes me smile.

Blair makes everyone smile. We got to spend some time at the barn yesterday, and she loved every minute as much as we loved watching her reactions. As much as we enjoy being out there, I try to limit Blair's time in the barn because of the dust. It's just not good for her to be out there breathing that stuff. Yesterday, we really enjoyed watching her Andad walk her around showing her all the moving parts. She loved watching the forklifts, the melons on the belt, and the guys unloading the buses.

Sweet picture with Andad.

Gettin' Aunt Kimmie.

Forklifts are fascinating!

Meeting Hollis. Hollis calls me Mrs. Brad. I love that!

Hollis showing Blair how to blow the horn.

Brad putting hand sanitizer on Blair's hands after Andad used them to touch everyone's faces!

Hey, Alberto!

Taking it all in.

Watching the guys unload the bus.

Watching everyone moving about the barn.

Ooooh a stem!

Watching the guys and melons on the belt.

And Grandmommy Jan was there too!