Sunday, July 5, 2009

July Fourth

With baby, pumping, breathing treatments, and other stuff we don't get to do much on a whim stuff. I get so frustrated about the amount of time it takes me to get ready to go somewhere. The pumping really throws a kink in things sometimes, but I'm willing to work around it for a while longer. It's waaay cheaper than formula, it's good for Blair, and I have the time, so why not? Anyway. Sorry men if this is too much information for you. It's just how it is!

We did, on a whim, head over to Lane Packing Company for lunch and their Fourth of July celebration.

The fire trucks were there to fly our beautiful flag!

Kim, Blair, and I went and met my mom, John, Hank, Molly, and Rhiana. It was packed. When I worked at Lane's as a high schooler (many great memories made there), I never saw that many people there. Wow, it was really crowded. The lunch was delicious too! They had the best ribs I think I've ever had. The plate included ribs, beans, slaw, bread, and corn on the cob -- YUMMY!

We had to situate Blair so that she couldn't see the stars. She was enthralled.

Finally checking out those stars.

Blair had fun with her Aunt Kimmie!

Me and Molly

Later that night, Brad took me, Kim and Blair to eat Mexican and then to watch fireworks over the lake. They were beautiful. Blair watched them for about 20 seconds. Then, she wanted to climb all over everyone.

Waiting on the fireworks with daddy.

She was asleep in the car before we ever got out of the parking lot. And we lost the red bow. Again. I had a fun day with my family though! Happy birthday to the USA!