Thursday, July 16, 2009


My neighbor has a fig tree from which he graciously lets me pick, so I decided to make some fig preserves. I tried to pick with Blair playing in the pack n play, but she is getting two teeth and is Miss Fussy these days, so I had to take her back to the house and come back after she went to bed. The tree is loaded with figs.

They are perfectly tree-ripe right now: plump, juicy, and cracking on the bottom.

And there are some really big ones!

Buddy and the puppy like figs too. They spent the entire time scavenging underneath the tree.

My loot at the end of my picking session.

I boiled the figs in syrup for almost an hour.

They turned out nicely!

I put them in the jars and covered them with syrup.

And there they are!

I told Kim when she stopped by this evening that I really don't even know why I make preserves. I rarely eat any type of jam, jelly, or preserve. I guess I just enjoy doing it, and I do like to give them away!


SarahHub said...


I'll be glad to send you my address, in case you need me to take some of that jam off your hands...