Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Girl

I had a great day on my birthday today! I did lots of things that I love to do: eat waffles, taco truck food, and cake; shop; take pictures; and spend time on the farm.

My mom came down and brought me a yummy cake of which I have already eaten a large portion!

Then, Bradford brought taco truck food for lunch! We had a delicious chilled shrimp soup with onions and cilantro, beef and chicken, rice, beans, and tortillas. It was very tasty!

We got to play with Blair for a bit on the floor in her room. She finally figured out that she can leave her room and follow me around -- fun! Evidently she didn't want her picture made.

After mom and I took a short shopping trip, we headed back to the barn to take some pictures of Blair and the watermelons. We lost her red bow though between the house and barn, so she didn't get to wear it for the pictures. They still turned out cute though!

We hung out at the barn for a little bit, and I got some great pictures of Blair's granddad, Andad, showing her around. Blair loves the forklifts!

So we had a fun day today! Even though I try to enjoy every day, I feel like life is passing me by.