Thursday, June 25, 2009

Non-redheaded Daughter

This week, Blair and I got to spend several days in St. Simons with my other family. Emmie has been my best friend since we were in elementary school. She is one of those friends that I may not talk to every week, but we just pick right up without missing a beat when we talk or get together. Her younger sister Katie and I have always been friends too but became closer as we got older (you know how you get "closer" in age...). We also spent a year at Furman together. So, it was wonderful to get to spend a few days with those two and my childhood second parents. I surely enjoyed being called their non-redheaded daughter!

Blair and I both had such a great time! Not only did Emmie, Katie and family get to see Blair, they got to experience her! It was great practice for the baby boy Katie is expecting in September!

Emmie and Katie with me and Blair at the beach.

Miss Blair with Emmie after Blair's beach nap. She loved Emmie!

Playing in the sand making chicken scratches!

She liked squishing the sand.

With Emmie.

My little bathing beauty sunning -- in the shade of course!

Blair and I got up each morning, ate, walked on the beach, and Blair went back down for her nap before anyone else got up! One morning I took some precious pictures but was so disappointed that my lens was foggy. I touched them up so I can at least see them, but I sure wish I had left my camera out on the porch instead of keeping it in the room!

Some of these are so cute!

Sacked on the beach.

Playing in the waves!

Blair didn't hate the water, but she didn't love it either.

She really did have fun even though it doesn't look like it here!