Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Friendly Ferret Find

Honestly, stuff happens to us that is just weird. A car stuck in our yard, a mouse dead in an outlet, a snake on our screened door.... And now, we have ferrets. Well, had.

So, while I was at Linsey's, I get a picture message from Brad:

what is this. billy found two and they are tame.

After I quit laughing, I called Brad and found out that one of the guys he works with found two ferrets on the dirt road behind the shop. I think they did research and found out what they were, because no one knew. So I went to work on what to do with them and looked up what they should eat until I got back. Brad and the guys got the ferrets settled into a watermelon box in the shop.

Brad is so cute. He had them all set up with "air conditioning."

When I went out to look at them when I got home. They were curled up together on the cement sleeping.

They were in a pile on the hole in the bottom of the box. One is still all flattened out on the cool concrete. (Next to them is what was leftover of a busted watermelon -- the reason the box isn't being used for anything other than ferret rescue.)

They are so sweet! They want to be held and loved.

I wished that we could have kept them, but ferrets are not something we need right now. I don't even know anything about them!
(They sort of smell too!)

Gus was very interested in our new friends. Here he is camping out watching the dining room where they stayed the night in a kennel.

So, we made plans to get them to a ferret rescue, and I parted with Moe and Joe (Brad and the guys named them) this morning. It was fun while it lasted. I'm sure glad I don't have to add more poop to my cleaning repertoire though!


Linnie said...

Only in dreamland....

Unknown said...

Ferrets. Seriously? All we get are dogs.