Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aunt Linnie's House

Linsey's birthday was Thursday, so mom, Blair and I went up to her house for the weekend. They live on the prettiest farm in the mountains. They got married on their property just a year ago.

We didn't do a whole lot while we were there, but it was fun just being together and enjoying Blair. In the two nights we spent there, we did make two whole churns of ice cream -- big ones, too! When I was growing up, my family made about two churns of peach ice cream a week during the summer. They still make a lot, but I don't know if it's that much! If you like ice cream like we do, you might enjoy a White Mountain ice cream freezer. We have used a White Mountain freezer since I can remember. They last a really long time (mom still uses her original) and work really well. Amazon usually puts them on super sale at Christmas, and the 6 quart is usually cheaper than the 4 quart for some reason. I gave Brad one for a wedding gift, and we love ours as well.

One little piece of excitement -- or just a typical thing that would happen in my presence -- we were sitting in the parking lot of a shopping center, and Linsey spotted a little mouse running for its life through the parking lot. It was the middle of the day and probably 98 degrees. The mouse ran and ran but couldn't find anywhere to hide. It ended up corner of the building between two stores.

Like always, Linsey and mom took over many of the daily Blair duties (with my help). When I get back home after being with them, I miss Blair even though I've been with her the whole time. I love feeding her and bathing her and such, but I'm glad to let them do it when they have the chance.

Happy bath girl.

Blair met Ben's family. All she wanted to do was kiss Ben's new niece. Blair flapped her arms in excitement when they met.

Going in for the smooch.

Little Miss Observant looking fascinated.

Friendly Ferret Find

Honestly, stuff happens to us that is just weird. A car stuck in our yard, a mouse dead in an outlet, a snake on our screened door.... And now, we have ferrets. Well, had.

So, while I was at Linsey's, I get a picture message from Brad:

what is this. billy found two and they are tame.

After I quit laughing, I called Brad and found out that one of the guys he works with found two ferrets on the dirt road behind the shop. I think they did research and found out what they were, because no one knew. So I went to work on what to do with them and looked up what they should eat until I got back. Brad and the guys got the ferrets settled into a watermelon box in the shop.

Brad is so cute. He had them all set up with "air conditioning."

When I went out to look at them when I got home. They were curled up together on the cement sleeping.

They were in a pile on the hole in the bottom of the box. One is still all flattened out on the cool concrete. (Next to them is what was leftover of a busted watermelon -- the reason the box isn't being used for anything other than ferret rescue.)

They are so sweet! They want to be held and loved.

I wished that we could have kept them, but ferrets are not something we need right now. I don't even know anything about them!
(They sort of smell too!)

Gus was very interested in our new friends. Here he is camping out watching the dining room where they stayed the night in a kennel.

So, we made plans to get them to a ferret rescue, and I parted with Moe and Joe (Brad and the guys named them) this morning. It was fun while it lasted. I'm sure glad I don't have to add more poop to my cleaning repertoire though!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Blair

The pictures from Blair's first trip to the beach are just too cute not to post more.

Sandy paci... deeelicious.

Mommy, something's going on with this thing.

I'm telling you mommy, this thing is not normal.

So mommy pours her water on the paci...

Hey, it's all gone.

I can go back to playing now.

Wait! Sandy toes!

They look yummy to me...!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Non-redheaded Daughter

This week, Blair and I got to spend several days in St. Simons with my other family. Emmie has been my best friend since we were in elementary school. She is one of those friends that I may not talk to every week, but we just pick right up without missing a beat when we talk or get together. Her younger sister Katie and I have always been friends too but became closer as we got older (you know how you get "closer" in age...). We also spent a year at Furman together. So, it was wonderful to get to spend a few days with those two and my childhood second parents. I surely enjoyed being called their non-redheaded daughter!

Blair and I both had such a great time! Not only did Emmie, Katie and family get to see Blair, they got to experience her! It was great practice for the baby boy Katie is expecting in September!

Emmie and Katie with me and Blair at the beach.

Miss Blair with Emmie after Blair's beach nap. She loved Emmie!

Playing in the sand making chicken scratches!

She liked squishing the sand.

With Emmie.

My little bathing beauty sunning -- in the shade of course!

Blair and I got up each morning, ate, walked on the beach, and Blair went back down for her nap before anyone else got up! One morning I took some precious pictures but was so disappointed that my lens was foggy. I touched them up so I can at least see them, but I sure wish I had left my camera out on the porch instead of keeping it in the room!

Some of these are so cute!

Sacked on the beach.

Playing in the waves!

Blair didn't hate the water, but she didn't love it either.

She really did have fun even though it doesn't look like it here!

Guess What?!?!

The taco truck is here!!!! You thought it was something really exciting, didn't you? Well, this is enough to make me ecstatic! We love the taco truck. AND, it turns out that this year we have three taco trucks. I think since it's the beginning of harvest, they're still ironing out the details and deciding which one will come every day or maybe they rotate among all the farms. As long as someone with real Mexican food feeds me lunch, I'm happy!

Brad and I ate the most delicious lunch today. We had a pork chop and some beef with beans, rice, pico de gallo, and homemade corn tortillas. ¡QuĂ© rico!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

Happy first Father's Day to Bradford! Our precious daughter surely loves him! Rightly so, because he's a great daddy! He's also way funnier than mommy!

Blair loves her daddy's hats.

Brad and I spent some of Father's day with my mom's side of the family at our annual family reunion. Each year, everyone comes to my parents' house to enjoy fellowship, food, and fun.

Mimi with her great-granddaughter

Hank is showing everyone something on Google Earth. Josh is thrilled.

Everyone lines up for a yummy covered dish buffet!

We had a great time, especially since there is a new generation of little cousins, and those kids keep us laughing. My four year old cousin loves boys, so she sat with my brother or dad most of the day. She also put on quite a show for us, singing Get Low (which was hilarious!), saying the pledge, and doing a few cheers. She is not shy in the least and is certainly a doll!

John with "Miss Personality"

Four generations of girls in my family: my two sisters, Mimi, Mom, Blair and me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peaches to Beaches

We have been so busy that I have not been able to keep up with my "scrapbooking." So please excuse the bombardment (is that a word?) of posts that I hope to catch up on in the next few days. I have quite a few in the works right now, because I would forget my ideas if I didn't go ahead and get the post started. My memory cannot get worse. I hope.

So last Saturday was the Peach Festival. Linsey and Molly were in town, so we headed on over there with Blair, mom, and Molly's boyfriend Josh. It was Blair's first really public outing, but for some reason I feel better when we're outside. We didn't stay long, because it might as well have been 200 degrees outside. It was near it, I tell you; it was HOT. Thank goodness the Peach Palette had A/C and yummy popsicles! Linsey and mom fanned Blair, but all she wanted to do way plan with the "fan."

We had to stop by and see the world's largest peach cobbler that the festival has each year. For some reason Guinness has said that the peach is not a significant fruit, so the cobbler is not in the book, but it's still pretty neat.

The cobbler is almost ready! The top has a glass window so you can see it baking.

What's even neater is that my parents started the cobbler back in the early 90's. My parents aren't in charge of it anymore, but they got the recipe perfected and built the pan and the oven. My dad built the oven each year out of cinder blocks and gas burners, using large pieces of metal for a top. The city has since made a permanent oven near the courthouse, but it's based on the original. I remember using new garden tools to mix it up each year. They mixed the flour and sugar with rakes in huge trash cans. And we used hoes to chop and push the butter around in the pan while it melted. That was fun. The first year, we had so much cobbler left over. We sent people home to bring back containers to take some home in. Even though folks line up for cobbler, they still have lots left over!

Serving table and the line. I can't believe folks actually brought chairs to sit in while waiting.

Molly and Josh waited in line and only got one bowl of cobbler, but Molly shared.

Removing the panels that close the oven. They used to be panels from what would be the side of a Blue Bird bus. It appears that they still might be!

Looks pretty good!

The cobbler is 6' by 9'.

Checking the bottom with an oar.


The next day we were off to St. Simons to visit my second family with whom I spend many a night growing up. Stay tuned!