Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where We Live: Our Living Room

It's time again for Kelly's Korner's "Show Us Where You Live Friday." This week is the living room edition.

This is our living room looking from the hall. The room is long, so I divided it into two parts so the seating area would be more cozy.

The back part is more decorative, but I'm sure it will be Blair's play area before long! Her jumperoo is usually back there.

Some of my favorite furniture is back next to the fireplace. I love the roll top desk that my Mema gave us. Above it hangs one of our wedding invitations, which I'm still crazy about!

My other favorite piece is the antique stationary rocker that my Pop gave us. It was in the Hay House a long time ago. Brad and I got married at the Hay House, so that makes the chair even that much more special to us (well, to me at least).

On the mantle, I have two vases some friends from my school gave us for a wedding gift. Since Brad loves growing cotton so much, I stuck some in the arrangement.

The orange recliner was a housewarming/birthday gift from my parents when I bought my first house. Brad and I fight for it, but he usually lets me sit there! I love orange. I painted the kitchen in my other house orange. It sounds bad, but it was really cute! The white chair was at my first house too. It really doesn't go that well, but it is great for an extra seat.

Between the orange and white chair is a table my Mema gave us. There we have our collection of arrowheads Brad finds in the fields when he's working.

This is the view coming in from the front door. The dining room is behind this room. Brad picked out the sofa when he was still single. He did a good job! I got the striped pillows at TJ Maxx. I love this big coffee table (especially when folding laundry!), but Brad and I were just discussing what we're going to do with it when Blair gets mobile. We are going to need some more space in here! Gus will miss it though. If he's not at the front door, he's under the coffee table.

Brad's mom gave me these for my birthday. They look great above the sofa and are so me!

On the table, I keep my favorite magazines, Real Simple and Southern Living. We have two coffee table books: Food from Spain (for me!) and Tractors of the World (for Brad!). Brad and I brought back the wooden bowl from Africa when we were there on our honeymoon. I wish I could say that I always keep fresh flowers on the coffee table. Brad's sister Melissa sent me these!

The view from my orange chair. We always have a stack of blankets next to the TV cabinet. Brad and I both love blankets. On the other side is the big green oxygen tank we've had since the beginning of December. Blair only needs it at night now though, so it will be gone before we know it! My Great Aunt painted the blue hydrangeas and gave them to us as a wedding gift.

I love the arch in the entry, but we don't use our front door much. The entryway is basically Gus's resting place during the day. He likes to watch the cars and for his daddy to come home. He knows what Brad's truck looks like, and as soon as he sees it, he runs for the back door! I put Blair in front of the glass door in her exersaucer, and she likes it too!

That's where we spend a lot of our time when we're home! I wish our house were more open to the kitchen, but for the time being, it really is perfect!


 The Morris Family said...

So bright and cheerful and fresh looking! Thanks for letting me peek!!!

Kari said...

Your living room is gorgeous! And, I love the mirror over the "fireplace"! {I have a non-working fireplace, too!!!}

LadyAndTheLabs said...

Such a cute place! Don't feel bad...I love orange too. My living room is actually orangey/terracotta! It's just so cheery.

beckylbranch said...

Very pretty! I love how warm and inviting your colors are :)

Holly Girl said...

I love the framed wedding invitation. We got one as a gift when we got married, and I sometimes do that to give as a wedding gift. Beautiful decor!

Jennifer said...

I love orange too!!! In fact, we have an orange wall in our LR. Acutally it's more of a mix between coral and copper...but you get the jest. I love the prints above your couch. Your LR is gorgeous!

Angie said...

What a cute space you have...I love the colors...the orange is great and I think it is a very warm and inviting living room.