Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These days...

What's Miss Blair like these days? She's a mess. Still. And getting busier by the day.

She is on the move -- almost. I will feel for Gus when she can chase him. She likes to touch him now. She gets big handfulls of his hair and pulls. He doesn't even flinch.

As of mid-May, we're up on all fours.

Blair is very observant.

And she's silly. Her daddy and I love the little Blair dance she does when she's excited to see us!

She is a multi-tasker like her mommy.

And she's not afraid to relax and put her feet up!

She's busy, but she sleeps. Like this:

Booty in the air, paci in hand, as sweet as she can be!

She's really proud of herself...

and her mommy and daddy are proud of her too!


Bonnie said...

She is so precious!! I know ya'll are enjoying her!

Jamie said...

Too cute! Abby likes to sleep the same way...bottom up in the air. I love it! :)