Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stop the Presses!!

Brad has changed a diaper! I got up this morning, and Brad had CHANGED BLAIR'S DIAPER! And given her a breathing treatment. And fed her. What?! Where is my real husband and can I keep this one? Wow!

In other news, I was feeding Blair cereal this morning, and as she eats I swear she sounds like those sea gulls on Finding Nemo: "Mine, mine, mine!" Except she does it with an n: "nie, nie, nie." She gets some "ma, ma, ma" in there as well.

She's as sweet as she looks.

And in health news, Blair had her 6 month health check on Thursday. She did wonderfully. The nurse practioner bragged on how adorable Blair is, how fantastic she is doing, and what a great job we're doing with her. She was developmentally appropriate for her real age -- not even her adjusted age. The NP said that they usually give preemies until age 2 to catch up. Yay, Blair for passing all of the tests: she kept her head level when being pulled up to sitting from lying down (she's been doing this for a long time), passed a toy from one hand to the other (while it was shoved into her mouth), pushed up on her tummy with her elbows locked, tried to pick up a small piece of balled up paper, turned her head to my calling her name, and gave plenty of smiles. She even threw in pushing up on all fours, which she just started doing this week. She can't do it for very long, but she can manage a rock back and forth before she falls back flat. I can't believe she'll be crawling soon.

Blair is going to be the tiniest crawler ever. She was 24 3/4 inches and weighed 12 pounds 4 ounces, which was good, but she stepped down off of her growth curve just a tad. The NP said that Blair looks fine, but she wants me to try to get Blair to take 32 ounces of breast milk each day. Bottles are a battle. I'm lucky if I get her to take 30.

Bottle battle. An attempt to recline the high chair and give her the last of her bottle before cereal. She's more interested in the camera, sitting up, and smiling.

Leaning back is for babies. She's gripped tight on the tray to pull and keep herself upright.

I'm also supposed to start feeding Blair cereal. Good, because I already did. I just said ok. I'm thankful that she does love to eat from a spoon, so maybe she'll put on some pounds. I gave her a little banana this week and she gagged.


We also went to see Blair's audiologist for booth testing. I was so glad that some friends prepared me for it to be frustrating. I had really low expectations and was pleased that Blair responded to speech cues down to 25dB. That was fantastic! She didn't respond at all to the tones, but the audiologist said that since Blair is right on the line of the age of being able to be tested in the booth, it was fine. So, right now, we are going to wait and see. Her hearing speech does not mean that it is clear or meaningful to her, so we will continue with the plan to see how her speech develops. It is blessing that we don't have to deal with hearing aids at this point though.

Spur of the moment entertainment because mommy was about to wet her pants.

"Hey, how did you get out there?!"


Connor Family Blog said...

Everything sounds great! I can't believe how tiny she is. And thinking about crawling...amazing! EF was finicky about bottles for so long and now that's all she wants. Happy weekend!

Jamie said...

Ashlee - this entry is so funny!!! The pictures of a gagging Blair are priceless. I'm sure over time she'll enjoy her bananas :)
I'm glad to hear that the hearing test went as well as expected with even better results! Yay for no hearing aids for now. Blair is always in our prayers as she continues to grow into a healthy and beautiful little girl!!

Robin said...

About to CRAWL??!! Eating (or gagging on) bananas??!! Gracious! That little gal is busy! Congratulations on her six mo. check-up "test" results -- sounds like all is really well. Love you and think about y'all lots. (Also, I have to say it -- congratulations on picking up a new husband -- that's always a bonus, isn't it??)

Love love,