Saturday, May 9, 2009

Seven Months

Happy seven months to our Doodle Unit! You are surely a mess, Miss Blair. This month you have seemed to get so big and strong all of a sudden. You've gotten quite mobile, rolling back and forth, twisting, and pushing off of everything with your legs. I never know where in the crib you'll be when I go in to get you in the morning! When I change your diaper, you want to roll over, so as you arch your back and go for the twist, I've started saying "No, no" and putting you back flat. You always roll over your right shoulder, grabbing the changing pad with your left hand and hoisting yourself over with your feet flailing in the air while you try to get your right hand from underneath your belly. It's quite funny -- just not while I'm trying to put on a diaper!

Your nickname daddy gave you has stuck so far. He still calls you Doodle Unit. And just so we get it right phonetically, it's not just "Doodle Unit," it's "Doodle YOU-net!"

You went to your first baseball game this month, but we sneaked in so no one would really know we were there. You did pretty good, but you got bored since you slept for two hours before we got there! You wanted to get up and play, and mommy wanted you to sit in the stroller!

We have got a good schedule going these days. I don't wake you up in the mornings, so we are not always on the same times, but we basically do the same things everyday. At first, you were getting up around 6:30, so we took a short nap in my bed from 8:00 to 9:00. Now you don't get up quite so early, so we don't take that nap anymore. You still eat about every three hours with cereal in there twice in between.
  • You wake up usually between 7:00 and 8:00, and we do a breathing treatment, because you are always wheezing in the morning. Then you take a bottle, we play, and then I give you cereal and a bath. About two hours after you wake up, I put you in your bed for a nap. You usually sleep two hours.
  • You wake up from your nap talking away in your bed. You take another bottle, and we play or go for a walk. You stay up for about two hours and then take an afternoon nap for two to three hours.
  • You take a bottle and then watch me make supper or play in your jumperoo in the afternoon. I give you cereal around 5. After another bottle (if we're lucky!), you go to bed around 7:00.
  • I get you up between 10:00 and 11:00 for another bottle, but you don't really wake up. We're still trying to add to those 12 pounds, and I can't get you to take enough milk during the day to last through the night! That's alright, I love holding you and rocking you while you are asleep.

You are gaining weight, because your knees are fat! Your daddy keeps telling you that you better tuck them in. You love cereal, so I'm hoping we're going to see you grow a lot as you start eating more. You've been eating rice cereal for about two weeks. It took no time before you opened your mouth when you saw the spoon coming. You talk the entire time you're eating, and it is adorable.

You are sitting up pretty well now. Each day your balance gets better. At the beginning of the month, you were falling over pretty easily to the sides and back. Now, you only fall occasionally. You are such a big girl. You also push up with your arms a lot. It will be no time before you're on your knees too!

You can swap toys from one hand to the other, and you have started to shake, twist, and beat your toys on things.

You are screaming less these days, but you can still throw a fit. You really hardly ever cry though. When you do, it is usually because you are sleepy.

When you are getting a breathing treatment, you stick out your tongue like you're trying to lick the dragon or eat the mist. The dragon is your favorite toy. You can spot it from anywhere and go to reaching for it. Mommy lets you play with it, too! You gnaw on it for a long time before you're tired of it. Your other favorite toys right now are the blue elephant from the animal parade, your soft books, and your animal tower Aunt Linnie gave you.

We were just talking about how you're getting to busy to hold sometimes. You are always moving and twisting, wanting to see everything!

When we go out for a walk, you play with your toys for the first few minutes and then are mesmerized only by what you see in the road. You just sit there and watch everything that goes by. You usually fall asleep by the time we get back home.

Gus is fascinating to you. All of these pictures I took of you are so pretty, because you had Gus to smile at! You watch him like a hawk wherever he goes.

You love your daddy. I keep saying this, but it is the absolute truth. You smile at every word that leaves his mouth. You love when he bends down and stomps his feet while coming closer and closer to you. The closer he gets the louder you laugh. He puts his nose on your belly and shakes, but you are laughing before he ever touches you. Then you get the hiccups!

Sometimes, you just want your mommy, and your mommy likes that!

Everything you do makes us smile. Daddy and I watch you and look at each other and smile. You are so silly sometimes. You are the most beautiful thing we've ever seen. We are amazed by the miracle that God has given us. We just can't believe how fast you are growing up. We are so thankful to God that you are doing so well. We have so much to look forward to with you, our sweet Blair.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow - I just LOVE the pictures. You have such a beautiful little girl, Ashlee! I showed Sully a pic and he smiled at her - uh oh!

I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I can't believe I'm a mother now... it was hard to even think of making it to this day when Sullivan was born and gave us all of that trouble! I know you can relate!!

Amy said...

You don't need a professional photographer anymore. These photos are beautiful!