Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mmmm... yummy peas, masks, and remotes!

What is it about kids' liking toys that aren't toys? Blair's absolute favorite things to play with are the remotes and the nebulizer mask. She goes to town on the mask, making little squeaks with her gums against the rubber (or whatever material that thing's made of).

Making sure Gus is where he's suposed to be... mask in hand.

Hey Dragon, I love you!

The remotes on the other hand are off limits. She will all but launch herself out of your arms in aim of any and every remote (and the mask for that matter -- she can spot it from afar!). So, Brad suggests that I call Dish Network and order another remote so that she can have one -- they're basically free anyway. Sounds like she's got him wrapped, right? I did the next best thing and pulled an old one out of a drawer and removed the batteries. It doesn't have all the same colorful buttons, but she likes it regardless. She chews on it like a piece of corn on the cob.

We have been trying some fruits and veggies lately. Of all things, peas are her favorite so far. She likes sweet potato and avocado as well. Still not so much on the bananas. I've got apples for tomorrow, which I'm sure she'll enjoy. I made the peas from the same ones that Brad and I eat, so they are yummy!

Yay, peas!

Gosh, it looks like my child lives in her high chair! She definitely doesn't, but there are lots of fun times in the kitchen!