Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day

I had a great day today on my very first Mother's Day. I love being a mom and enjoyed celebrating that with my family! When I woke up this morning, Brad and Blair were in the glider in Blair's room. When I took her to change her diaper (Brad doesn't do that), he had left a card for me from Blair on the changing table. Then, when I went in to get a bottle, there was another card from him on the counter. He's sweet like that. Last night he had already given me two hibiscus plants to put on the front porch. He planted them in decorative pots and everything!

Blair spending time with her daddy this afternoon.

Brad had to work this morning, so when Blair went down for her morning nap, I went back to bed and slept until 10:30! I wish I could have taken Blair to church, but it's not time yet. I won't be too much longer though before I might be able to take her with me to Sunday School at least. She won't be able to go in the nursery any time soon.

I had invited Brad's and my families over for supper this evening, so I worked on it off and on during the day. My mom, Molly, Hank, John, and Mema came to spend some time with us this afternoon.

Me and Mema

Mom played with Blair on the floor in the kitchen. Blair had never played with the fridge farm, and she caught on quick!

My dad, Brad's parents, and Kim came a little later, so we had a big crowd. I made meatloaf (I'll have to post the recipe, it's yummy!) and Paula's macaroni and cheese. I also fixed the some of the Cream 12 peas I picked last summer, thanks to my neighbor! We only have a few bags of peas left, so I'm looking forward to stocking back up again! Brad's mom brought green beans, and my mom made strawberry shortcake. Everything was delicious!I was so glad to have both of our families over to spend time together for Mother's Day. We all had a great time.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful 1st Mother's Day!

SarahHub said...

What a nice "first!" Happy Mother's Day!