Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eight Months

Eight months have come and gone since you were born; six short months you've spent at home. Blair, your mommy and daddy love you more than anything. We look at each other over and over again and smile at something you did. You are the best baby ever. I tell everyone that God could not have given us a better baby if I had sent him a checklist! We continue to have so much fun with you each and every day. I have really enjoyed the nicer weather and being able to get you out a little more, although I'm still a germ freak and worry about you getting sick. You are such a joy to have at home, and we are so thankful for you! Let's see what you've been up to this month...

You didn't make it far into the eighth month before you were up on all fours and rocking up and back. You reached for toys with all your might and twisted your body enough to move forward and grab them, but mostly you just made your way backwards! By 5/29, you had your legs going but not your arms. It was more of a lunge and plop type crawl. On 5/30, you got your hands going a little bit. It's funny how deliberate you are in picking them up and placing them back down. Now, you can go from sitting to crawling and back to sitting. You pretty much make your way to anything you want to get, just not very fast, and you haven't gotten the concept of crawling from room to room yet. I used to leave you on my bed in the mornings while I got your milk ready. Now, I never leave you on the bed anymore, you are too mobile! True mobility is near! What am I going to do?!

A new favorite position

You also can now pull to standing in your bed all by yourself. I went in to get you from your nap yesterday and you were standing at the rail!

You now play peekaboo! You think it's hilarious. You also look for things after they go away or after you drop them, and you look for Gus when you're in your high chair -- like you are making plans to feed him when you get your hands on some food!

We are going strong with solids now. We started with cereal and oatmeal. After two weeks, we added banana, sweet potato, avocado and peas. You loved the peas. I loved them too since I just gave you the same thing your daddy and I eat, just made into a beautiful green puree! We have also tried carrots, apples, and blueberries. You have a love hate relationship with solids. You don't like fruit at all really. You do well with the veggies. Sometimes you eat really well, and other times you close your mouth and turn your head telling me your not having any of that stuff!

You grabbed the spoon faster than I could move it. Notice the cereal dripping from your palm!

Your hair is getting a little wave in it on the sides. It's so cute! I wonder if you're going to have curls like your aunt Linnie and aunt Molly! You had on your red watermelon outfit one day and were mistaken for a boy a few times. I didn't mind at all, but now we have plenty of bows!

You are a booty in the air sleeper now. Ever since you started rolling over really well you sleep on your tummy. You are still sleeping really well. The one short and two long naps have now evolved into two long naps before and after lunch. You sleep later now though. Sometimes we don't get up until almost 9!

You chew on everything, but we haven't seen any teeth yet. It's so funny how you check things out though. When your hands are supporting you, you lean over with your mouth open and your chin forward and put your mouth on whatever it is you're curious about.

Yay for pacifiers! You love them!

You also love animals! It's a good thing Gus and Lola love you too, because you climb all over them. You love Mona too, but I don't let you pet her since we don't know if you're allergic to cats or not.

You are a busy one and very observant.

You go through toy phases. Right now you love this small blue board book. I let you chew on it, so the edges are getting yucky. Here you have it and another one in one hand!

I love this picture. It's like you are exasperated and don't have any idea how to get me to stop taking pictures. It seems you are saying: "Mommy don't you see this gnat on my eye and haven't we done this for long enough?!"

What a sweet girl! We love you!


Aunt Linnie said...

She's so beautiful!

Jill said...

She is so cute, Ashlee!! And she is getting so big.:)

Connor Family Blog said...

Ashlee, she is gorgeous! I can't imagine her being mistaken for a boy because she is so pretty. We get the same thing sometimes and I wonder how crazy people are. Thanks for sharing all the fun milestones. Also, the pictures with Daddy are just sweet as can be.

AA said...

I love her in the blue crab outfit...GORGEOUS!!! I want to meet her!