Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Thanks to my friend Anna's wonderful advice, we got a BOB Revolution stroller for Blair. My mom actually got it for us. We got it on sale at B Braithwaite when we were in Atlanta ordering the nursery furniture. I heart the BOB. I consider the BOB one of the best baby things that we have. I could advertise for the company actually. Our BOB is not so experienced in jogging (this girl does not jog), but it is experienced in off-road adventure, for sure!

What stroller will take your baby
out into the cow pasture to let the dogs swim in the pond?

Well, you can't see it, but it's behind us.

And which one will trek down the rows of the watermelon field following the transplanter?

And what kind of stroller do you need to walk the sidewalks of our town?

Disappearing and sloping...


...and stepping.

I'm glad I have a BOB.


Amanda said...

We LOVE OUR BOB!!!! Peyton has been riding in his since 4 weeks! Great Choice Ashlee!