Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bits of Blair

Most of these "bits" won't be interesting to anyone but me, but the baby book only has so much room, and I know I'll forget it if it's not written down. I laughed at new mom Katie, with whom I went to high school, was so cute and right on the money when she talked about this very thing on her blog:

"Before having a child I remember reading other mom's blogs about their kids and thinking 'ok, that is totally not funny, that story is pretty lame, or does she seriously spend her day writing down the cute little things her baby does?' Well I stand corrected. I have completely fallen into mommy world where I spend the majority of my days staring at my baby and being completely amazed at all the new little things she does. So I will apologize for the contents of this post to all you non mom's out there who are most likely thinking to yourself 'Katie needs to get a life!' ha! I empathize! But you all just wait, you'll see..."

Being that Miss Busy Blair is so busy, lately she's too distracted to eat. She acts like she's starving, eats about 2 ounces, and then wants to play. When we try to give her a bottle, she purses her lips, arches her back, and leans her head waaay back. (I know what you're thinking. Yes, we are going to have our hands full.) If we try too hard, she cries.
So we have started somewhat of a bad habit lately. I usually put her in her bed awake and let her go to sleep. But, if she still hasn't taken her bottle when naptime comes, I can hold her until she falls asleep, and she will drink the rest of the bottle. She will not take the bottle while she's falling asleep -- paci only for that -- but after she falls asleep, she'll drink away until she's full. If I am not persistent with her bottles, she will eat on her own, but by bedtime, she is usually quite a few ounces short of what she needs for the day. We'll keep working on it.

When I give Blair Eskimo kisses (is that now politically incorrect?), she flutters her eyes like it tickles. It's so cute! And she loves faces. When you get really close, she takes both hands and holds your face. She wants to touch your nose, chin, mouth, etc. In the mornings, she grabs for my glasses and did the same to her nurse the other day!

Blair LOVES Gus. She really started to watch him a couple of weeks ago. Now, her eyes and head follow him when he moves about the room She reaches for him, pulls on his ears, and wants to put her fingers in his mouth!

Whenever we eat supper while Blair is still up, she sits in her high chair pulled up to the table. She STARES at her daddy the ENTIRE time. I'm talking mesmerized! If he leans to the left, her eyes follow. If he gets up, she watches.

And, she props her feet up on things. It's so darn cute. This picture shows her with both feet propped up under her high chair -- that right one is hanging on by her big toe, which is really big compared to all the others!

This is a paci-loving child, that's for sure! She knows what it looks like and opens her mouth before she's even got it in her hand. She doesn't have to have it unless she's sleepy, but if she sees it next to her, she's definitely going to pick it up and give it a suck, forcefully spitting it out seconds later to replace it with a toy. I picked her up one day this week from her nap in her bed, and there were two pacifiers in there. She saw one and immediately leaned down reaching for it. In the mouth. But, she saw the other one, too, so the spit out the one she had and reached for the other one. When she had it in her mouth she wanted the first one back. So off we went with two -- one in the mouth and one in the hand.


Jamie said...

Blair you are getting so big!! I can't believe it!
The pic of you and Gus is just the cutest thing. Dogs are so wonderful aren't they :)
Take care and tell your mommy hi!

linnie said...

Those pictures with Gus are too cute! She looks so proud that she has discovered her sweet brown brother!

Unknown said...

She is such a muffin! I could just eat her up!

linnie said...

And I forgot to tell you I LOVE bits of blair!

Julia said...

What a dollface! I too loved my pacifier growing up...a little too until I was five and my mom had to pretend there was an orphan in China who needed it so I would get rid of it...maybe I should post this under anonymous. :)

Anonymous said...

What cute pics!! Love them! She's adorable!

I got your email and I'm going to try and give you a call this weekend. Things have been super busy here... I'd love to talk to you though!


AA said...

OMG - Julia...I was the same way. Except mine got "lost" in a cab in Mexico City. I was devastated!

Ash- great pics of Blair...she is BEAUTIFUL (like her Mamá)!!!

Connor Family Blog said...

Blair is such an adorable little girl! Thanks for your bits...I loved them all. It's all happens so fast and when you think something is her "thing", it changes the next day. It's great to keep track of it all for the memories!